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What is the best company for moving things across the country?

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) March 8th, 2010

When I moved to Cali, I just graduated college so I had nothing. Just a suitcase.

Now I’m moving home, and I’ve acquired some STUFF. What is the best way to ship it home? Which companies are good?

Saving money is more important than the time it takes to get my stuff across the nation, so if it takes a few weeks, I’m ok with that.

If you could include your guesstimate of the cost, that would help too. (I’m familiar with motorcycle shipping, so I’m less concerned with that, unless someone knows a place that will ship both a bike, and personal items)

I have to ship:

A motorcycle (Harley XL1200)
A 32” flatscreen
A box of electronics (X360, Wii, DVD’s, etc.)
A big box of kitchen stuff
And probably 8–10 boxes of clothing

Any good advice would help. Thank you.

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Get a U-Haul and go on a fun filled roadtrip.

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“Saving money is more important than the time it takes to get my stuff across the nation, so if it takes a few weeks, I’m ok with that.”

Ride the Harley, rent a U-Haul and have some friends drive with you. Bring gas.

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Hey guys, that already costs more than just shipping the stuff via FedEx. A UHaul + gas is going to be well over $2500.

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You didnt say where you’re moving from and to…. you can check-out Craigslist’s community board for shared rideshare

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Sorry. Moving from Los Angeles to Ft. Lauderdale.

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I would get an online quote for a container from

U-Box We-Haul

Regardless of how you move your stuff, DO THE ROAD TRIP!

Stretch it out as long as possible. Money may be tight, but when you can afford the luxury of time, take advantage!

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Sell your flat screen TV and just buy a new one in FL… your kitchen stuff are probably not worth the money you’ll spend to ship it, so donate it and get a tax deductible receipt Put the rest of your boxed stuff on a pallet and ship it via an LTL freight company..

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good thought. I’ll consider that one, especially good insight re: the kitchen goods.

@jaytkay any idea on the cost of a pod, or a ubox? I haven’t really tried getting a quote yet b/c last time I looked into PODS, they called me several times trying to sell me, so I just stopped thinking about that route. . . I would be able to pack the pod in one day, ship and then unpack in one day.

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@mrrich724 Sadly, I do not no how much and cannot save you from the salesman. I can only say they should quit calling if you tell them you’ve already moved.

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To be perfectly honest, i do not trust any moving company or its employees. most moving companies hire ex-convicts to move your furniture. most of the time, this is the only occupation that wil hire ex-convicts. there have been many cases where a persons personal belongings were being shipped across country and jewlery, etc. have been stolen and presumed by the moving company employees. i would move myself first, before hiring any moving company.

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Not true. Many ex-cons are security guards.

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