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What are some other ways to describe a carbonated beverage besides soda or pop?

Asked by syntak (275points) March 8th, 2010

carbonated beverage, soda, pop, ..... ?

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Sparkling water? Or seltzer water? I usually just call it carbonated if it doesn’t fit into any other categories.

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Here are some synonyms.

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I’ve seen the term “fizzy drinks” used a few times.

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yeah im aware of the synonyms just thinking people had a better name for it. like carbonated elixir or something along those lines..

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I think carbonated elixir will be tough to beat for pure poetry

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Where I come from, it’s all Coke.

You want a Mountain Dew? Ask for Coke. When they ask “What kind?” Tell them “Mountain Dew.”

You’re fucked if you want Pepsi.

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carbonated elixir was my idea so thanks! im doing some research. creating an upscale soda. got a name but not a title.

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fizzy corn syrup?

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Liquid Candy

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Fizzy drink.

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They’ve always been soft drink or fizzy drink to me.

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the Kidney-Strangler, Club soda and friends, or carbonic acid w/ water are the ones off the top of my head.

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we call it ‘Softdrink’ down this way…

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Cola. Regardless of what type, color or flavor.

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Soft drink.

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Fountain drink.

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