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Who thinks it was a waste to send out notifications of the census questionnaire?

Asked by Trillian (21116points) March 8th, 2010

Today I received what I first thought was my census questionnaire. I opened it to find that it was a notification that I would be receiving the questionnaire in about a week. I already knew that it was coming. It occurred to me that millions pf people got this same piece of paper that cost 43 cents to mail. Honestly, what was the point? It seems like a complete waste of money to me, and serves no purpose whatsoever except to waste money to print, then pay someone to fold and stuff into an envelope, then mail. Can anyone tell me a good reason why this happened, or is it just another example of Government waste? Did we really need to spend the money this way?

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Keeps the Clerks employed and paying taxes…

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I got one too!
Yes, it is a bit silly. They are also paying for a lot of advertisements about why we need to fill out our census forms, especially on the local radio stations.

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Do you think they’ll send out Thank You cards at the end?
I received one today also.

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Eh just another chance to remind you to look for it. I’m sure a bunch get tossed out in the mail.

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That’s the one with the spy cam in it to see that you fill out the real census when it comes.—-heheheehheehheeee—

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During the last census, for whatever reason mine didn’t get mailed back. So I got a visit from the kind census taking lady. She told me that it was completely anonymous so I asked her, “How’d you know who I am and how to find me, then?”

When she was asking the questions she asked, “Does your [ex now] wife speak English?” I said, “No, she speaks Australian.”

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I think it more of a heads-up. Kinda like saying that if you don’t get the form in about a week you should call us and see why you didn’t get it.

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