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How long does it take for one of those countertop ovens to preheat?

Asked by Zone36 (416points) March 8th, 2010

I have this one.

It doesn’t say in the manual I have.

The space inside is big enough to fit a medium roast chicken.

What times would you say for 200F, 300F, and 400F?

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Is there a light indicating when it is done preheating? and your link is broken.

edit :: I think this is the right link.

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Get an oven thermometer. They are cheap, and then you will know.

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Those are so small that I wouldn’t worry all that much about preheating anymore than 5 minutes.

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I am sure they vary widely depending on the oven technology and design. We have a realtively compact electric toaster oven with heating elements on the bottom and top, and it will come up to 450 degrees F in just a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, the only outward sign it has reached set point is when they glow of the elements dies down. If I get another, I would look for a audible alert it is up to temperature.

If you want to be certain, pick up an inexpensive oven thermometer, and sit it near the window. You should be able to profile your oven’s behavior after a few tries.

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5 minutes. I never use the big oven. always the little one.

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