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What type of things do you say to a woman to flatter her/make her feel good?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6594points) March 8th, 2010

So do you remember when you first met that girl who you really liked or wanted and you would say things to flatter her or make her feel really good or make her laugh or what ever. What types of things did you say (or had said to you)? I am looking for some new material.

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Your material? The ‘material’ should be the girl herself – she should be your inspiration, not attempting to be suave. I would say something relevant to her.

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I prefer complete and utter bullshit! I wouldn’t have it any other way. ;)

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You look Mahvelous!

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I try to find something true that I like and compliment her on that. That way, if she plays up that thing, then I can like it even more. If I feed her bullshit and she plays that up, then all I’ll get is bullshit back.

I don’t know about you and the relationships you like to foster, but I don’t much care for too much bullshit. (I can put up with a little.)

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“Hoo-whee, honey! That was one good sammich you made me!”

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Look im not trying to pick up new girls im just trying to think of new ways to “woo” the girl I have now. I guess I am a little on the timid side and im just lookin to see what other people do.

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No that dress doesn’t make you look fat.

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Pay attention to her and listen attentively and you are in like Flint.

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I like to tell them how intelligent they are. Many women need much more to hear about their mind rather than their physicality.

And when i tell them how smart they are, I am sincere. Sincerely. I am not them.

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Great way to pick up a woman, compliment her on her outfit.(works for me. Coming from a woman who dates women).

Great way to woo your woman, tell her how beautiful she looks. Also,
“How did I get so lucky….?”

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You look good enough to eat.

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I agree with @Cruiser The best compliment is when you listen with interest, and pay attention. I find being listened to the best thing ever since Toast!
.....French toast and Champaigne toasts!

The next thing I want to listen to is, ...“Order anything you want gorgeous, I’m treating!”

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Honey, you’re right.

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@davidbetterman That’s true. Often times the more beautiful a woman is, the more she’ll want to know that a guy is interested in her for reasons other than her looks. Everyone tells beautiful women how beautiful they are, but letting them know you connect on a mental level is different. (If you do feel a connection.) Be attentive and interested when you talk to her, don’t look for “material.”

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“Who wants Ice Cream?” ALWAYS works too!

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Damn baby, those must be space pants you are wearing, cuz yo ass is outta this world.
it’ll work everytime

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This is how you do it! (goto: “See larger image and other views”)

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“You look very nice today.”

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If you want to compliment her just do it. Notice something significant about her. The best would be something that showed that you were present and aware of something that was very personal to the two of you. “Last night when we were with that couple, you really impressed me with the way you…” But don’t discount the spontaneous, “damn you look sexy”. Just don’t go overboard or make it about you. Just let her glow.

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Also, “it doesn’t matter what we’re doing (together), I just love spending time with you”.

May sound cheesy, but, it works.

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The prettier they are, the more they want to hear that they smell nice.

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“I will do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. Go take a hot bath and relax.”
sigh I am fantasizing again.

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FIRST…...never flatter her…or anyone else for that matter. As @Simone_De_Beauvoir said, the girl should be your material, not some pat phrase you dream up or get from one of us on here. If you cannot be genuine with her, then you should not be around her. It’s probably as painful for her as it is for you. Be genuine. Everyone is different. Show your interest in her as a person. Ask her questions and genuinely listen to her.

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Find something you both enjoy and do it together. Talk about it, ask her what her opinion is about it. For that matter, ask her her opinion about anything. That is always flattering.

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“You look great”
“Have a great day”

Really simple… but only a very sweet guy, who cares, will say those things.

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Just tell het that she’s beautiful in her own way and always complement her;) hope I helped.
Just send me a msg to let me know if I helped;F

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Just my opinion but any man who takes the time to really listen, is really interested in how you’re feeling, makes you feel that you matter, now that really is a gift and a woman will respond to that. Sometimes when you’ve had a crappy day or you just feel “picked on” by the world at large, for your man to wrap his arms round you, stroke your hair and tell you he missed you today/is glad you’re home, well that makes the sun come out right there and then. Always making time for a cuddle or giving her a big smile when she walks into the room is good too. Just little things that let you connect as a couple. If you’re out together, putting a hand on the base of her spine and stroking gently is lovely. I’ve been standing in a queue with hubby and he’s done that and its such a personal thing that means the world. The fact that you’re asking this question to find ways of getting closer to your partner already shows what a lovely person you are honey,
hugs xx

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