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How should I end my soda drinking days?

Asked by simone54 (7592points) March 8th, 2010

I love soda but it’s very unhealthy for you. I am going to stop drinking it for awhile but I wanna go out with a bang! How should I do so?

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Visit this place.

Un-effing-believable. It’s a grocery store where every inch of space is soda. There is nothing else like it in the universe! I cannot convey how fantastic this place is!

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop
5702 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 255–7115

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Is there such thing as a soda bong?

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Jarrito’s soda. Especially the mandarin, tangerita [sic], and pineapple flavors.

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Basic psychology.

Every time you crave a soda, bang your head against a wall hard. Soon, you will associate pain with soda cravings, and you won’t crave them.

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@OperativeQ substitute banging of the head for a car battery attached to the nipples perhaps?

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can you switch to Sprite or Coke Zero? No calories, no fat, no sugar.. nothing.

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Drink maddddddd coke then eat a pack of mentos

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Jones Soda will totally get you high (in a cane sugary way).

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How much of a bang? You mean like this (good for technique)? or this (points for style)? or this (brute force)? This makes a good finale.

How can you not want to run out and try this yourself?

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@Violet Chemicals!!

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Rootbeer Float!

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If you want to go out with a bang, get a 3 liter bottle of Diet Coke, open it up, go to a large space on your front yard with nothing around, drop a couple of Mentos into it, and run.

Do not do this inside your house. Do not stand over the Diet Coke bottle when you do this.

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@Rarebear, see my links…

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Have a Mt Dew with a dynamite chaser?

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@faye here are all of the ingredients: carbonated water, citric acid, natural flavors, potassium citrate, and potassium benzoate, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium.
If you’re referring to Aspartame : The U.S. FDA is one of the governmental agencies charged with safeguarding the American food supply. Upon approval of aspartame, the FDA concluded that it was safe for the general public including children, pregnant and nursing women, and diabetics.
According to the FDA, aspartame is one of the most thoroughly studied ingredients in the food supply. In fact, when approving aspartame, the FDA Commissioner noted: “Few compounds have withstood such detailed testing and repeated, close scrutiny, and the process through which aspartame has gone should provide the public with additional confidence of its safety.”

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So you want to OD on soda?

I’ll go get some Mountain Dew and an IV stand…

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Coke and mentos enema?

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Drink the rest of your soda while getting laid.

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@jeruba Sorry. All I saw was “this”, “this”, and “this” on your post as I was scanning through the thread. I didn’t click your links

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Why do that?

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