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Sharp stabbing pain in top of left thigh at least once a day. What is this?

Asked by dryenta (5points) March 8th, 2010

Have a slipped vertebrae [spondylolisthesis] for a long time, possibly secondary to an accident resulting in a complete sacral fracture, all the way through horizontally, i.e., 2 pieces. I was younger and it healed. Slippage is seen both on x-ray & MRI at L-5, S-1.

3 years after this accident I was dx with InterCostal chondritis – awful pain to touch in my sternum area, 10 years later in the 80’s it was called “fibrositis” and in the 90’s it became a dx of Fibromyalgia with all 18 points painful.

12 years ago my low back was in acute pain, had a cane and had to get rid of my beloved dream car – too low, agony getting in and out. Finally 3 yrs later I started Pilates and within 4 months my back was almost normal. I’ve continued weekly Pilates, walking and working out in warm water, weekly massages, 75mg. Zoloft for 13 years – helped the pain. I could even occasionally play a little tennis.

I live in Florida during the winter to get out of the cold damp Wisconsin winter. This flare up of leg pain began January 26th and continues to this day, 3/8/10. Urgent care docs gave me medrol pack and said stop the Pilates. No back pain at that time. Just the knife like random pain. Referred to MD Orthopod who took x-ray and it didn’t look a whole lot different than 12 years ago but I didn’t go to med school! Said call to do an MRI if pain was still there after finishing Prednisone. It was, I did and the MRI report didn’t specifiy any nerve impingement merely reiterated the spondylolisthesis info. Referred for PT. Went 5 times, heat, massage, electric stim, etc. PT felt my Psoas muscle was tight and possible pressing on my Femoral nerve. [ask 10 docs, get 10 different answers – who’s a cynic?]

Low back pain worsening, buttocks muscles very sore. Last Thursday I found an Acupuncture doc in FL & went 3 times, and finally had some relief from the back pain. Still no Pilates – even though I totally believe the low back pain began AFTER I stopped the Pilates, the sharp shooting pains continue.

I am back in WI for a week and don’t know what to do next? I initially called my cardiologist thinking it could be from Crestor, he didn’t think so. Any ideas? A neurologist, rheumatologist, pain management specialist, ?????

Thanks for your patience with this patient patient.

Help! Judi

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Hmm it seems as if you have a form of spongiform encephalopathy. This is a degenerative disease of the unmilinated nerve endngs (pain sensing nerves). They are being pressed by the surronding tissue (high in osmotic presure) causing them th collapse in on themselves. The body then attempts to eliminate this “useless” tissue, thus attacking the nerve endings. There really is no cure other than pain managment.

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Did the physiotherapy help at all? Is your sacrum properly healed, or did it fuse off centre? What type of pain do you experience in your back and buttocks (also stabbing, or aching, throbbing etc.)? You may want to consider looking into discograms and seeing if that is appropriate for you. I don’t want to offer any potential diagnoses from this information, because it is difficult and potentially misleading to do so without seeing the tests myself.

If you go to ten doctors you will often get ten answers, but that does not mean nine or ten of those are wrong. Often doctors only hit on part of the problem, and then stop looking because they think they have found it.

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I suffered from a lot of leg and lower back pain after I dislocated my hip. I had MRI’s and even saw an orthopedic surgeon. Everything came back normal but the pain was so intense sometimes I’d roll up and cry. PT helped some but not much. I went to a chiropractor once a long time ago and it was a horrible experience. I was finally convinced to see one and with some gentle tugging on my leg and rolling my hips I felt good as new! I refuse to be “cracked” and “popped”! His gentle methods have worked wonders. Good luck to you :)

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