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Little Big Planet Will not work! (Glitch)

Asked by Zeus (1points) March 8th, 2010

Whenever I start the game, no matter how many controllers I have plugged in (even if it is only one) the game thinks I have controllers for 3 and 4. This makes the game practically unplayable. I have 2 useless afk players that make it impossible to see. This is my 2nd copy so it isn’t a disc problem.

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You may have that new PS3 glitch that makes games unplayable. It resets the date to Jan, 1 2000. What kind of PS3 do you have?

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Do you have any instruments for Rock Band or anything like that that could be left on?

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you might have try this but in case you forgot…
during the game if you press ps button for 2~3 sec…you can get into to the controller setting and reassign the controller number
hope it helps

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This really helped me.

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to no. 1, maybe Fat 80 gig. I did not uses the ps3 on that date but, still, other people have my account.
to no. 2, that’s actually probably it!
to no. 3, that’s what i’v been doing but the game is practically unplayable with 3 afk players.
to all: Thanks for all the responses.
You all made my day!

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