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Does Jquery Hide content from Search?

Asked by bstar3 (182points) March 8th, 2010

I plan to have a show/hide jQuery function for my blog. So when you Click an [About me] tag, the [About me] area will appear. The tab would be on the top of the page.

My question is, Since I want Google, and other Search engines to read my content, Will Jquery allow it if it’s hidden when the page is loaded?

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It should as long as the content is in the page and not called as a XMLHttpRequest. AKA as AJAX.

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Oh okay.

Since you said that. Would something like this hide from search? cause it’s AJAX?

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Most search engines currently do not include JavaScript interpreters, so any content not visible in the HTML source code without using JavaScript to fetch or display it is “hidden” from their view.

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@bstar3 :: In that example it is using a AJAX call so it will not be indexed. But this is just about one of the worst ways to use AJAX. It isn’t much text and the text is static so there are better ways of doing this that are search engine friendly.

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@johnpowell It actually would be indexed. When JavaScript is disabled, the script dosen’t “hijack” the onclick behavior of the links and they direct the user to another page. The crawler would parse these links and find these other pages and index them.

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I read this question as I was talking to my Google rep so lucky you, you get a vague Google-ish answer! Their bots/spiders/crawlers/evil mechanical monkeys will read your content, however they will read the content as if it were all on one page. This will negatively effect you, since you will be covering multiple topics in one page opposed to one topic/subject per page on a more static site.

Basically the crawlers won’t be seeing your site in the same light as your users, which is never a great thing. All this said, it really will come down to popularity. If your site is a huge hit and people start talking about it online, then you should be able to leverage that into rankings on Google.

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