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Punch Buggy or Slug Bug?

Asked by LunaChick (1376points) March 8th, 2010

A friend and I constantly argue over the proper name for the VW Beetle game – you know, the one where you punch someone and say the color of the car.

I’m curious to know what my fellow flutherites call it – is it a Punch Buggy or Slug Bug? Also, where do you live?

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Slug Bug here

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I grew up with the non-violent version called “Spud”. It was just point based.

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Punch Bug color of car goes here.

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I think I use to say Slug Bug (color)

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Slug Bug (color)

Bay Area, CA

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punch buggy

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Punch Bug or Pididdle

Oh wait, pididdle was the one where the car had a headlight out.

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It was “Slug Bug” where I come from

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Punch buggy for my kids. It was so annoying and caused so much strife that I had to ban it.

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Slug Bug (color) -midwest -hitting the car ceiling, not a person

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We said like, blue punch buggy! “smack”

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@fireside We play Padiddle as if you see a headlight out, you call Padiddle as you hit the roof of the car. If you call it first, everyone else has to remove an article of clothing.

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Punch Buggy!

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We said slug-a-bug where I grew up.

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Punch Bug. I have owned a few vw bugs, i kept a little baseball bat in between the front seats for anyone wanting to be a smart a$$ and play the “punch bug” game.

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