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What do you carry on your person daily?

Asked by TexasDude (25234points) March 8th, 2010

What do you carry on your person daily, without fail? This includes pockets, purses, fanny packs, etc.

I almost always carry my keychain, a small Surefire flashlight, a Gerber folding knife, my wallet, and phone. The reason I ask is because I’m curious as to what objects most people not that fluther is a representative slice of the population carry with them on a daily basis.

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My meds and a piece of insulation foam.

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Just the things I need for my my job. Keys, wallet, access cards, cell phone, I travel light.
This leaves me vulnerable in the event of being kidnapped and ditched in the wilderness but so be it.

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@Vunessuh, what, no ant spray and piano wire? You are under equipped!

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Keys, Wallet, Phone, Knife, 50 cent piece that was struck on my birthyear, D3, D20 and my Medicine. You know, standard stuff.

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I have my keys, phone, and my wallet at all times. I have my student ID in my pocket for easy access because I need to pull it out a lot during the day. On my keys, I have a small flashlight, and most importantly, a bottle opener.

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Wallet. Keys. Phone. iPod.

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I carry around my iPhone and my wallet (including credit cards, driver’s license, and student ID). Nothing else, really. I don’t have a car here, so I don’t keep my car keys with me. I’m often with my backpack, though, and that includes notebooks, textbooks when necessary, pens, pencils, Kleenex, a USB drive, my bike lights, breath mints, and hand sanitizer. :)

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@Captain_Fantasy, works for me.

@Shecky_Johnson, standard indeed!

@buckyboy28, bottle openers can be quite useful, though I usually just open bottles with my stunning pectoral muscles.

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities, do your keys include the keys to Mr. Goldblum’s private shower?

@DominicX, my satchel is laden down with stuff too.

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Wallet, 6 pack of old condoms, chewing gum and water proof matches.

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Pocket knife.

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Keys flashlight, bottle opener and a mini-knife , pocket knife, cell phone, wallet, iPod, water bottle stainless steel for saving the planet., D90 or my smaller camera depending on where I’m going.

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@judochop, you sound like quite the party animal!

@Everest, always a good thing to have.

@rangerr, I admire the fact that you always keep a camera on you. I have a few dozen cameras, and I’ve missed plenty of great shots just because I didn’t feel like lugging one around that day. I should emulate you from now on.

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wallet, iPhone, keys, sunglasses, bottle of h2O

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard thank you but I carry all that for undercover operations. I can tie the condoms together to climb down buildings or bungee to safety.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Most of the time, I’ll have my digital camera in my pocket. It’s simple and easy to carry. My SLR just takes up a lot of space, so I can’t really take it everywhere, but there have definitely been times where I’ve been mad at myself for not having it. I’m a picture junkie.

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Pen, paper and a netbook. :) There has been numerous times I have had the spark of inspiration but nowhere to record it. I decided to lean my lesson, finally. :)

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Address book
a day planner filled with plastic sleeves to hold credit cards, frequent shopper cards (they should sell them this way) and plastic pockets for stamps, receipts, etc.
a coin purse
a 4×6 cotton zippered pouch that holds my iPod, cell phone, and work ID
a hairbrush
at least two pens

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Wallet, phone, knife (I just had my swiss army knife stolen by airport security, so I have a little pocket knife from my dad to tide me over), keys, lighter, chap stick, and a cool cup.

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@mcbealer, water can be useful.

@ArtiqueFox, I should probably do that too. I have a little bit of paper in my wallet, usually, but it doesn’t quite suffice.

@PandoraBoxx, that day planner sounds pretty nifty.

@OperativeQ, my swiss army knife was stolen by a crackhead. I was upset. I had one of the really high-end ones.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I forgot to take mine out of my pocket before a flight. My fault, but it still sucks. :-/

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@judochop I like that answer!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I can open Jones bottles with my thighs.

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I love how so many people always carry knives with them.

I always have my keys, pocket knife, and wallet. I usually have a scrap or two of paper and a pen or golf pencil. When I remember it I usually have my cell phone, but I forget that a lot, because I don’t like having it in my pocket when I’m at home. (Everything else pretty much never leaves my pockets.)

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Now that I rarely get out of the house, I’m pretty much down to my eyeglasses and iphone. Beyond those, even clothing is optional (tho clothing can provide a more suitable surface to which I can clip my iphone). See ya…...Gary/wtf

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@petethepothead, I feel naked without my cellphone, even though I loathe the damn thing. And where I come from, most people carry some form of knife. Not because we are a bunch of violent thugs, but because they are useful out here in the country. Mine has saved my ass on numerous occasions.

@whatthefluther, sorry to hear that you are stuck inside, though going commando all the time does sound fun!

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wow, i swear I was gonna ask this, do you have esp dude?

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I care a swiss-tech utilikey on my keychain. Now I carry a very fancy composition notebook that I use as a idea jotter/todo list/appointments/conversion tables/everything else/looking for a cool/uber useful bookmark for it….any ideas?

FYI if TSA jacks ya you can search ebay and find it in a lot with everyone elses, possibly.

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@Ltryptophan You actuiall put quotations for a link.

Ltryptophan's avatar

Oh, and if I think of any good fluther questions I write that down in the notebook.

Ltryptophan's avatar

@XOIIO beat ya to it! :)

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LOL I think I was first but barely lol

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I’ve actually done that, with fluther questions, @Ltryptophan. Oh, and stuff to wiki.

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speaking of keys and such. Does anyone know a good keyfinder? I don’t lose my keys much anymore, but when I did boy did I lose them constantly. So I wnet through a phase (i’m not going back to fix wnet) where I tried all sorts of different key finders. Long story short these things are garbage. Anyone know of one that is like a gps enabled covert operative, IED exploder one?

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LOL Hand sanitizer! @DominicX

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drivers license
two keys to my car
house keys
several 8×10 professional photos of me….just in case people want them for their home. I’ll sign them too, if they are really special to me. Why Reba McIntire and I were just in the same restaurant a few weeks ago and I was sure she was gonna want one, but she may have been too busy with the three guys she was with. I was very chummy with her on the way out, so there is a good chance she’ll be calling.

Oh yeah, fingernail clippers and cup of change (both of which I keep in the car, along with hankies

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Wallet, hanky, hand sanitizer, house key, car keys, car alarm controllers, engine starter pads, cell phone, and fingernail clippers.

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@plethora, I like your style

@Brian1946, sounds like quite a collection of stuff!

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Now that Gorillaz Plastic Beach is out my iPod constantly! It’s brilliant!

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In my purse: cell phone, keys, wallet, mini day planner, mints, sunglasses, glasses, pepper spray, pen, pencil, bottled water, mini make up bag (in the mini make up bag:) tampon, mini perfume, mini lotion, cover up, chapstick, lipstick, lip gloss, meds, tweezers, cuticle remover, mini mascara

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nothing much

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What’s wrong with carrying around hand sanitizer? :(

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@Vunessuh Haha, the famous foam. :D

Cigarettes, lighter, keys, wallet, makeup, notebook, pen, Kleenex, chapstick/lip balm, someone’s finger, spare change, all conveniently placed in extreme disarray in a hippy bag made of hemp.

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Two wallets, Razor knife, keys to the kingdom, Glock 9, Handicap ID, 1 or 2 flash-drives.

Violet's avatar

@DrBill why 2 wallets?

DrBill's avatar


I carry one, as normal, I have a second that is empty (so I can hand it over in case of a robbery).

Violet's avatar

@DrBill that is so clever! I think if you were to put empty gift cards/buniness cards in the empty wallet, it would be more convincing

DrBill's avatar


I do have some “crap” cards in there, but nothing identifying

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Money, mobile, umbrella and photo of my boyfriend.

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My mobile phone, wallet, keys…. & usually a pair of gloves.

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When not at work, my wallet and keys… I do not own a cellular phone, iPod, or that lot.

At work, err, yeeesh. I have one pocket in my lab coat and 2 in my scrubs top, and I wear a, yuck, fanny pack at work because I hate being caught short on my supplies when I forget to restock my tray. I can usually get through a chunk of my round without having to restock because of it, restocking next time I am near supplies rather than making a special trip. I have a couple of pair non sterile exam gloves , an assortment of vacutainers (adult of various types, maybe a few pedis), various needles (from 19 gauge to butterflies), (most of what I carry can be seen here , at least one tourniquet, a couple of 10 cc syringes for those really tough draws (hook them up to a butterfly for the tough ones), alcohol preps, bandaids, medical tape, at least one pen, 2×2 gauze (individuals, sealed), a small bottle of water free hand cleaner, an unopened digital thermometer (someone always needs one and asks me to get one… be prepared), and a cellular phone for work only.

You see why I use both pockets and fanny pack at work.

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@Arisztid I can just picture it :)
Hehehe, did you know that in England a fanny is another name for a ladies…. privates! Gives a different connotation to a fanny pack doesn’t it :)

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@Cloverfield what do you call fanny packs over there? Mine is white and designed for nursing, by the way. Note to self: get another fanny pack, this one is really, really old.

JeffVader's avatar

@Arisztid If memory serves, we call them bum-bags…. Ah, so an official fanny-pack :) I must say, I dont think I’ve ever seen such an impressive fanny-pack, hehehehehehehe!

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My person carries everything for me.Slavery don’t you just hate it?

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@DominicX Nothing. It just struck me as quite funny at the time. Not a reflection on you or guys who carry such stuff. I would have laughed at the first girl who mentioned carrying it too.
It’s so…Howard Hughes, if you know what I mean.

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@Violet I read on here that wasp spray is better than pepper spray because it shoots 20 feet (as opposed to 5) and temporarily blinds the perp before he can get close enough to touch you.

plethora's avatar

@ucme LOL….your “body man” as BO calls him?

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Thanks @all for your answers. It’s pleasant to wake up to find 20someodd people have responded to your question, though I unfortunately no longer have the time to respond to you all individually.

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No one has said comb or brush? What a disheveled looking bunch in here!

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Chapstick, wallet, brush, asthma meds, swiss arm knife, keys, shamu keychain that lights up, blue condom, and lotion.

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Nothing when I stay home. When I go out I always have my purse and either a cup of coffee or a soda. The cell phone is in my purse.

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@plethora I have never heard of wasp spray. I will look into that, thank you : )

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