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Those of you who always carry a knife, why do you do it?

Asked by rangerr (15748points) March 8th, 2010

Inspired by this question.

A lot of people seem to always have a knife on them… why is that?
I always have mine on me because I needed it around the ranch a lot, so it became a habit to never have it off my person. I like the idea of having some sort of protection when I’m running around my town at night too.

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You never know when nut meth cases will attack. them energy highs is dangerous.

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I always carry a leatherman which has 2 knives.

I find it so useful to have this multi-tool on me, I hardly even go anywhere without it unless I am flying!

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I have been told that it is in our genetic makeup. We search for Food, Shelter and Protection. And the knife helps with all 3.

I personally carry one cause that’s what all the cool kids are doing.

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It’s useful. No, it’s not because I’m some crazy chav who is just itching to stab someone, but because a knife is a very useful tool. You can open packages with them, whittle if you are bored, kill gnatzies, cut string, make an improvised bow and arrow/fishing pole, or impress the ladies.

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The times I carried a switchblade was when I had to ride the buses and go downtown to main transits and what not….when you get “hey wassup white boy” you might wanna have something than nothing.

Depends on where I am going basically.

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Despite being female, I do carry a large pocket knife – passed down from Dad – especially when I’m on the trail. A knife is useful for collecting samples neatly (I love to press flowers), getting through blocked trails (trail maintenance around here is awful) and protection.

Then we arrive at the arena of camping…the list of “pocket knife usefulness” is rather long, so I won’t dive into it here. :)

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When I was in a touring band, I needed a Leatherman, flashlight and bottle opener many times a day, everyday, so I got used to having them on my belt. Now if I don’t have a Leatherman or screwdriver and a bottle opener on me, I feel naked.

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I ride the public bus. what more of a reason do you need? haha. also, my dad always carried one when I was young, and I guess I really do it because i love my dad. But, seriously, When you walk everywhere and ride the bus to places you can’t walk too, it comes in handy to have a little protection.

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I carry one because I always seem to need one. I have never used it for self defense. But I always need to open a box or perform a emergency c-section on a cat.

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@johnpowell Emergency cat c-sections are a common thing for you? Cute.

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I carry mine in case anyone asks me why I carry a knife, in which case I stab’em.

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My grandfather did it and it always came in handy. I’ve been carrying a knife since the 5th grade. It is a tool.

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I’ve stabbed a kid with a pen once. I warned him though. I had my notebook under my ass, and he went to grab it for some reason. We were 12, and I said if you try to touch that notebook near my ass, I will stab you with this pen. He tried, and I stabbed.

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I can see needing one for work. If you work in an office, you don’t need a knife for most jobs. A lot of people carry a knife because of safety concerns. I don’t buy that so much.

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Here’ a tip for all you ginsu’s: putting your thumb on the spine will help you know where the blade is in the dark.

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A knife does not make a defensive weapon unless you know how to knife fight. Most likely you will end up hurting yourself
Also if you’ve ever had to stab anything it is not as easy as it looks and you had better hope you have a super tight grip and a good lock blade.

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@judochop When I say protection, I mean from critters. I don’t like the idea of being attacked while I’m running back roads [because nighttime is the best time for distance running]. You know, raccoons and stuff ;)

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@rangerr Oh I know raccoons, I know em well.

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For all those who are getting technical and telling us their makes and models, this is my regular “carry” knife, but it is supplemented by a kukri, or my Becker Tac-tool if I am hiking/exploring/spelunking/adventuring outside of polite society.

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For just such an occasion!

btw dundee soon after gets laid.

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It’s infinitely useful. It isn’t that I couldn’t get by without it, but if I ever forget my knife on a particular day I keep finding myself wishing I had it for one thing or another.

One of the reasons I really hate the area where I live is this:
When I was a freshman in high school, one day I was walking home with a few friends. I had an apple with me, so I pulled out my knife and began cutting it as I was walking. I really didn’t think anything of this at all, but the people I was walking with stood with gaping mouths, and one of them said “Is that a knife?
My school had a “zero tolerance” policy for knives, so that incident was enough to keep me from carrying one to school for a few months. But I’ve always had a knife on me since I was a little kid, and it just feels natural for me to have one.

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@petethepothead, I was in my college’s mailroom once and I noticed a girl was struggling with her car key to open a tightly taped-up package. I said “here, let me help,” and I cut the tape on the package carefully with my knife. With a look of sheer disgust and fear she said “Oh my GOD, why do you have a knife???” Knives are not restricted on my campus either….

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard you should have said, now that I’m done with your package, would you mind helping me with mine.

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A couple hundred years ago my ancestors traded a knife to the Miami Indians for land. Today I carry one just in case history decides to repeat itself.

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@Ltryptophan, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

she was pretty hot though

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I am about to buy a spyderco sharpmaker triangle sharpener set. My uncle had one of these and his shit was super sharp

that’s right, it would cut right through the tp, laugh it up

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@Ltryptophan, sweet, I think I’m gonna get one of those.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Is that first Gerber a F.A.S.T.?

P.S. your kukri link is brokey.

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@ShiningToast, yup, but mine actually isn’t that particular model. Mine is just a flick-open, but the blade and handle are exactly the same, minus the assisted opening mechanism. I couldn’t find a good picture of my actual knife, but that one was close enough.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard of coure she’s fine that’s why she said that! I could hear her tone of voice second hand. She was requesting you to conquer her, and invade her loins. Basically she was saying, you might be manly enough to handle that knife, but can you now turn this sign of usefulness into a peremptory strike!? She was betting no.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Oh got it. I really like Gerber knives, they all seem to be of great quality and hold an edge well. And my F.A.S.T. scares people when I open it ;).

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@Ltryptophan, I dunno man, that sounds kinda rapey.

@ShiningToast, I wish mine was a F.A.S.T., those things are cool. Alot of people talk shit about Gerber, but I really like mine. And at ten bucks from Gander Mountain after using a gift card, it can’t be beat!

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You should have said something very mean to her if you liked her. It is all she would have responded to.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard People really do? Huh. I haven’t heard any.

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@Ltryptophan, I’m more of the nice-guy type. It actually works for some people, on rare occasions, and I haven’t been friend zoned yet.

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@ShiningToast, there is a very large gun/knife/hunting/shooting sports forum that I frequent and most of the people there hate Gerber for some reason. Who knows?

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I carry a pretty serious little pocket knife. I use it less often than once a day but certainly a number of times per week, for opening packages, breaking down boxes for recycling, smoothing off a chipped nail, cutting a hanging thread, and slicing an apple. I don’t feel comfortable when I don’t have it on me.

I doubt the knife would ever do me much good as a weapon (“Wait a minute, mugger, hold on while I get my knife out and open it, would you?”), but I feel better carrying it anyway. I am prepared for a lot of things, whether it’s slicing my way out of a plastic prison or blazing a trail on short notice. Ah, and opening presents.

When I’m not wearing jeans with a pocket, I still have a knife in my purse. That one is more delicate and less businesslike—just one of your tiny folding knives with one blade, a nail file, and a miniature pair of scissors in it. I pull that one out when I want to respond to a cutting emergency in a somewhat more ladylike fashion.

I started carrying a knife back in my twenties so I could cut up fruit I took to work for lunch and also trim broken fingernails. But it actually started with my grandmother, who told me once proudly that her husband and all her sons carried pocket knives and that “a man isn’t a man unless he carries a knife.” I always admired my father’s bone-handled pocket blade. It never occurred to me back then that my grandmother’s remark did not extend to little girls, so I got myself a knife too. It was only a little purse knife then, but when I bought the Gerber I started actually keeping it in my pocket all the time.

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well you probably opened a package of lingerie for a guy who was not as nice

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I cannot believe I have not merited any back talk from anyone yet after these comments…lol

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I carry a knife on me all the time. I ride busses, and hang out downtown. I guess it’s easier for me to carry it with me at all times, that way when I need it I have it.

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@Ltryptophan You are getting a bit annoying..
@Jeruba “a man isn’t a man unless he carries a knife.” My great-grandmother used to tell us the same thing.

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@rangerr honored that you would even type the letters of my name

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I’m feeling a little out of the loop here not having a knife on me at all times…

I don’t even own a knife…when my boyfriend and I went on our road trip to San Diego, we brought a pair of scissors and a screwdriver for defense, just in case. :P

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@DominicX bah! were you going to give the assailant a shampoo as well?

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Because sometimes I need to cut things.

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psycho stalker ex-boyfriend

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I carry my multi-tool Swiss Army knife in my fanny pack at all times. I also carry a Military issue sewing kit. I am a crafter, and I like to be prepared.

I remembered my knife just in time the last time I went aboard a plane. I had to go back to the parking garage to lock it in the glove compartment of my car. I had my favorite pocket sewing scissors taken away the previous time I flew.

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Imagine if you had to gnaw your stuck arm off. Now wouldn’t a knife have been helpful!

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I carry mine for the toothpick, lol.

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Because it is so much quieter than shooting someone in a crowd.

But why would anyone bring a knife to a gunfight?

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I carry a swiss army knife because about twice a day I find the need for a pair of scissors. And having a bottle opener is always handy if you catch my drift.

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I use my knife to remove the RFID tags, etc. from the items that I shoplift. Also, I enjoy Five Finger Fillet (actually I’m not very skillful, so it’s more like Three Finger Fillet now). Finally, I’m one of the few male cutters—cutting gashes in my skin helps to relieve emotional distress.

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I have an old Buck knife It was given to me from a friend who died a long time ago. I don’t always carry a knife, but when I am working I do, and when I walk at night or out of town I do. If I plan on not being home for a few days I always carry it. I like the knife because of its usefulness. I work in demolition and a knife has so many uses. I also am a mechanic, and I walk a lot. I also like to go hunting, fishing, and hiking .Hunting and fishing you just have to have a knife. I cant gut anything with my hand.

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There’s always some reason to need a knife. Cutting string, opening a box, dealing with overpackaging, prying something loose, self-defense.

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I carry the Bowie style sheath knife. Much easier to cut her loose with than to try and untie all those knots.

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I carry one of these:
It’s a spring assisted one hand opener that COMMANDS respect and awe when deployed.
“scuse me while I whip this out!”

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I was given a knife as a gift by an old boyfriend.It suprised me at the time but really came in handy for slaying dragons and ham sandwiches..Best gift ever.

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@lucillelucillelucille, my tactool is the best sandwhich/bread knife I’ve ever had.

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My Leatherman is just a useful set of tools, I don’t consider it to be any sort of weapon. If I need a weapon, I reach for my Glock 30.

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Its part of my belt buckle.

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I dont carry a knife on me, but I keep one in my car. Its a multitool though. As many others have said, its infinitely useful for all sorts of stupid shit.

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I used to carry knives, but I always lost them. Once I found one, but that doesn’t really make up for it. Now I got one for Christmas, and it sits on a tray at home because I’m afraid I’ll lose that one, too. But it is always useful when you need to open a bottle or can or cut some paper or pick an annoying piece of meat from between your teeth. Not to mention cutting tomatoes.

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I used to have an awesome knife, but I lost it some years ago. Speaking of I need another. I find many uses for a knife. I can’t think of any right now, but I would use mine often, when I had one.

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You’ll look stupid trying to cut that vine with a nail file.

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I have a very nice case for my Swiss army knife, and I don’t loan it out to anyone. My son gave me a beautiful dagger for my birthday one year with a clip on sheath. I made a jeweled cover for the sheath, which clips onto my boot.

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I use mine for work and play. I use it probably 6 times a day at a minimum. Sometimes way more. I have a CRKT Ron Kommer Full Throttle assisted opener. It rocks.

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@YARNLADY Jeweled daggers are a truly class act.

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I always carry a knife (spring aided Buck knife) on me; it is a tool. I use mine at least once a day.

When my boys turned ten, I took them out to shop for a knife.

Looking at the triple-action folding knife from Cold Steel as my next purchase.

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For me it’s simple: rule nine.
(For all you non-NCIS junkies, it’s one of Gibbs’ rules. “Never go anywhere without a knife”) Gibbs rules. And Gibbs’ rules rule too.

Additionally, I work on sailboats very often. Lots of stuff that might need to be cut loose (and has, in my experience).

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