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Why do people aks and answer questions on sites like

Asked by glasshalffullofwater (9points) March 9th, 2010

Why do people respond to questions of others?

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It’s fun, I like to help others and I enjoy the human interaction.

Why did you ask the question?

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I do it to collect Lurve points. I heard you get a free flight to anywhere when you reach 10000.
Right, @gemiwing? Congrats!

I ask because I want to know. I stay because I enjoy the entertainment. I answer because sometimes it might help.

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@worriedguy 10kers get a free road trip, I think the 20k folks get the airmiles. thanks for the congrats

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@gemiwing Thanks! I’ll plan my vacation accordingly.

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@gemiwing I was hoping for a key to the executive washroom when I get to 10K

I answer questions that intrigue and entertain me, also when I think I can be of some help. Or because I am bored.

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Because we are sociable people, and love chatting with others.

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Welcome to Fluther. Goodbye.

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I’ve always loved helping people by answering their questions live, and now I do it on the computer, where it’s even more fun.

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To practice their spelling.

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I’m on here for the babes.

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It’s helpful, and of course, Lurve is the most addicting drug on the market right now….

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I have burning questions that need answers,NOW!

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We like to educate ourselves, share our knowledge, brush up on our typing skills, meet new and interesting people, have a really good time, and discover that saying the word “pancakes” really does cause you to experience involuntary orgasms. Who knew?

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Aks and you shall receive.

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Do you think he meant “axe”?

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(No. Clearly just a tpyo. But why don’t people proofread before spending sending?)

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@gailcalled I should have used the ~. I was being a horrible b$#*h.

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@Trillian you’re never a b$#*h. ~~

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@CyanoticWasp awwww. Wipes tear from corner of eye. Stomps on a baby chick.

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Hey! Be careful of the chicks, please! That’s why I’m here, too. (Paraphrasing one of ChazMaz’s answers from another thread.)

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@CyanoticWasp I saw his predictable answer.~ I didn’t step on any babes. Or chicks actually. Can you imagine the horrible crunching noise that would make? (shudders) Have you checked out this OP’s other Q’s? He also answered on one thread about adverbs. Go take a look if you want me to continue adding to the humor of your morning.
Missed you.

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Predictable answer? Awwww.

I have friends. :-)

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@ChazMaz It’s not a bad thing. I’ve been here long enough now that some of you I feel comfortable with and really enjoy the responses. You’re one of them. I see you’ve changed the avatar back to the “jumped out of a perfectly good airplane” thing.
It’s pretty cool.

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TY I like to mix it up now and then. :-)

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Aksing and answering questions is what we are about :D

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Because they want to know stuff and they want to help people. Also because it’s a good way to make internet friends. It is a wonderful thing—being liked—especially when it doesn’t happen much in real life.

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