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Are the major political parties too worried about helping their party rather then the country?

Asked by Just_some_guy (437points) March 9th, 2010

I was watching the news and Ventura was on Larry King. He made it very clear that he believes the political parties of the U.S. are bad for our country. What do you think?

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Several prominent Republicans said openly that they hope Obama fails. That means they are hoping the Economy would get worse.
So, they are putting party first, Country second.

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I think that, in the US, the two-party system would be better off if more parties were popular.

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Also, I wish that people would vote for policies instead of parties.

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I don’t think so. I think they both honestly want what’s best for the country, and they honestly don’t see eye to eye. The Republicans, of course, are completely deluded, but I still believe they believe they are doing the right thing.

Even if the parties were only out for themselves (patently absurd, if you take two seconds to think about it), getting rid of them wouldn’t help. They’d just be invented all over again. I’d venture to guess that most people in them are idealists. There are a good portion of pragmatists, too, but basically, their job has become keeping the other side from doing anything.

For Ventura to blame the parties shows how stupid he is. The blame, if there is blame to hand out, belongs with the people responsible for who is in office: the electorate. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is being irresponsible in their criticism. They don’t like what’s going on in politics, but by blaming parties, they can absolve themselves of doing anything about it, because it’s the fault of the parties and nothing can be done. Sorry. I don’t buy this kind of belly-aching.

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Yes, I think they are. Add members of the GOP wanting to appeal to the Birthers, Tea Party Members, and other fringe groups, and you have a bunch of folks who don’t give one tindly-wink about what is good for our country. As @filmfann mentioned, I have heard several Republicans say they will sink healthcare; not because they are opposed to it, but because they want Obama to fail and that is a sure fire way to make that happen.

I am not saying this is limited to the Republicans, I know the Democrats have been guilty of such politics as well.

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It can be perceived that the major political parties (Dems & Reps) are out to advance their private policy agendas, but I still believe that the elected representatives are acting, for the most part, in the best interest of their constituency for which they were voted into office in the first place. Sadly though, constituency does not equate to the Country as a whole. The reps and senators are there on the Hill through the efforts of the voting people, varied classes of people with different mind sets and expectations

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Hasn’t it always been this way with politics and politicians?

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Well, yeah. What else is new?

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The parties are not necesarrily to blame as much as the polices that allow for this self preservation mentality of the 2 party system. They are clearly entrenched in our government and it frustrates me to no end that so much time and effort is exerted towards simply maintaining a majority rather than creating really good and meaningful legislation. Obama’s recent shift in focus and the watering down of some of his strongest campaign promises in wake of growing discontent is a clear indication he is already campaigning for re-election. I wish these politicians would pay more attention to the task at hand than worrying so much about simply getting re-elected.

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I have seen no evidence that the Democrats are trying to help each other. If they were, they would be passing legislation instead of fucking around and making themselves look worse every day. They should have had a healthcare bill on Obama’s desk by Christmas. They’ll never pass it now. Christ, I hate being a Democrat.

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I don’t think they care so much for parties as each for him/herself. the Republicans who want Obama to fail must be complete idiots, as his failure would hurt so many Americans. I did not vote for Mr. Obama, but once he became elected he was my president. I understand the obligation to question the presidency and thw concept of checks and balances. I also feel that it is my civic duty to support the president whether or not I voted for him.
I saw his inauguration speech and was impressed. I thought; “Ok, let’s see what you can do.”
I think that the other people in the room didn’t hear a word he said. They all had voted for him and were celebrating loudly. I think they missed what he said about it taking time and work to fix our problems.
I think that the American public has never gotten his meaning about this and when things didn’t turn around fast enough they lost faith.
I haven’t.

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@Trillian I also didn’t vote for Pres. Obama, and feel the same way. He is the president. He can only do what everyone allows him to. He is charismatic tho, so If given time I feel he will do well. I hope people realize that to vote for people who are against Obama’s proposals because they don’t like him, or because he is a democrat would be counter productive. They have proven unworthy and unable to do the job as soon as they showed that a personal goal or their personal feelings come before the big picture. I know everyone has personal goals, but a politician’s needs to more coincide with making a better future for America. Not just for themselves.

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The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism.

- George Washington

I hope Obama’s policies fail, not the economy. There is a fundamental difference. The difference being, I don’t agree with is policies, so there is no reason that I would hope he is successful with them. That does not mean the economy automatically goes to shit!

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To answer the original question:

Does a bear move its bowels in the woods?

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Yes. But it has always been that way. The Founders cautioned against the formation of “factions”, their word for political parties. The warning was forgotten quickly.

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Oh no. The two party system works just fine. Of course the politicians want only what is best for the country. Why on earth would they decide otherwise?
Just look at how well everything is going in the US. Everyone has a job or three. Nobody stands a chance of losing his/her home to unscrupulous lying cheating bankers because the politicians are solidly behind the little guy and would never stoop to selling out to the big money elite. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Definitely. Kevin Rudd is sucking up to whoever he thinks can keep him in, and Abbott is doing the usual opposition leader thing of making wild promises with little forethought. Should make for an interesting election, but we’re screwed either way.

Just saw this is US politics. Sorry, should have read the details first.

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Don’cha just LOVE sarcasm? : ))


You’re so biased that Nancy Pelosi thinks you’re biased, and THAT’s biased! Heh!

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I think most politicians sincerely believe that what is good for them is good for the country.

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@jerv Is there a way I could search to see if A question was asked before? Had I seen yours I wouldn’t of had to post one. Thanks for linking that.

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@Just_some_guy There is, but it relies a bit on the OP tagging the thing properly, and even then it doesn’t always work since computers can match words but don’t actually understand language. Don’t get me wrong, Fluther seems to have a better search than many sites I’ve visited, but it’s still limited by the intelligence of the computer.
Also consider that our questions don’t have any words in common in the headline despite being the same question, which means that you may not have found it even if you look for it.

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@jerv Thanks for the info.

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Yes we need to flush this crap down and start over or at least make a way for another party to have a resonable chance at a election.

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How about the Party party?

With the economy the way it is and some of the other stuff going on in the world, I am in favor of getting totally shitfaced :D

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@IchtheosaurusRex , Goddamn if they didn’t pull it off after all! I don’t feel so bad about being a Democrat today.

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I feel like the democrats want to be my mom and the republicans want to be my dad. I want a political party that will treat me like an adult.

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