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What's the worst place you've found a bug?

Asked by ubersiren (15152points) March 9th, 2010

Once, I lived in my parents’ basement for a few months and it was quite literally crawling with house centipedes. I would often find them in my clothes and bed. I found a silverfish (gag) in the bath yesterday and I was paranoid the whole shower. The horror!

What’s your story?

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In my friend’s salad. We alerted the waiter, who kinda stood there silently, didn’t say anything other than “I’m very sorry”. We left, and have never been back to that restaurant.

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In my ear.

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An earwig in my top.I nearly lost my mind ;)

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A few years ago, I took a red cup out of the cabinet and poured some soda into it. When I took my first sip, I felt something small and solid in my mouth. When I pulled it out, I discovered that it was an ant.

It was dead, and probably had been for a while, so I didn’t feel bad about drenching it and putting it my mouth, but I almost always check my cups now. Not that I’m even afraid of insects/bugs, but I do it subconsciously.

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When my daughter was just 11 months old I had her on the changing table. I noticed something move around in her ear. It was a tick. It scared the shit out of me. I hate those things.

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HS I had an earwig get in my swim suit and yes bit me there. It was a big sucker too!

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Once upon a time when I was on a military FTX (field training exercise) for 3 days, we slept in tents and sometimes out in the wild (the weather was good) and left our boots out in the open. I remembered someone telling me, when I was just a young man, that you should get used to turning over boots or shoes when you’re out camping and whatnot because you might not know what settled in for a nap in your footwear overnight. I’m glad I remembered that scintillating piece of advice because after upending a boot, out dropped a nice sized scorpion that probably would have ruined my whole day had I stepped on him while donning my boots that morning.

Do scorpions qualify as members of the ‘bug’ category?

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In my Taco Bell. Ruined a perfectly good 99c burrito.

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One night my kids and friends were catching lightning bugs. As they were showing me one of them it suddenly flew down the front of my shirt and got stuck in my bra between my breasts. It kept lighting up while it was in there, (it glowed though my blouse) as I was trying to get it out. (without flashing them)
I have never seen my kids and their friends laugh that hard.

Then there was the time a bee went down the front of my shirt while I was mowing the lawn. I ran into a tree with the rider trying to get that sucker out. the roofers working next door had a laugh over that one

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My auntie’s closet. Full of nasty cockroaches.

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Potato bugs in my bed when I was living in Santa Barbara. It was during the flooding. Woke me up in the middle of the night and FREAKED ME OUT!

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I was working through lunch, so I stopped at a market and got a couple of apples and other fruit to eat in the car. I was driving along, eating the apple when I tasted something strange. I looked at the apple and there was half of a worm.

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A crane fly on a burger king burger.
I hate pickles and took off the bun to pick things off. There it was. I did get my money back.

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@Bluefreedom One of my limited memories of my grandfather was him telling me to ”always check your boots before you put them on”. I was only a child then, and I wasn’t in the habit of wearing boots, but I guess that’s a bit of old army advice…

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@jfos. You’re grandfather was a wise and prudent man. That’s good advice and I’m proof of that. =)

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I’m pretty brave when it comes to insects, but, house centipedes scare the Bejesus out of me. Ugly, little fuckers that scurry and climb up walls..

For me, it was having a June Bug caught in my hair.

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Ice cream. Well. I ate it anyway, along with the spider.

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I have two:

My first apartment, I pulled out a box of Honey Nut Cheerios and poured it into a bowl. As I was grabbing the milk, a water bug dug out of the Cheerios and started running around the lip of the bowl. I tossed the bowl into the box of Cheerios and brought the whole thing to the dumpster.

The other time was while I was working at a photographer’s studio in midtown Manhattan and was there by myself. As I sat at the desk I saw something move by my feet and rolled the chair back in time to see a mouse being chased by a GIANT (think: bar of soap sized) cockroach.

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I refuse to click on links. Ha.

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Cockroach in the cup of milk I was drinking. I was about seven. I wouldn’t drink out of those cups ever again. It was years before I could comfortably drink a glass of milk.

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I was at a monastery, went to open the curtains, and the window was covered with lady bugs! I mean covered. I have always found lady bugs cute, but en mass found them quite freaky, and reminiscent of potential plague!

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Once, when I was a child, I went to make myself a drink. It was a large glass with a straw built into it, winding around the glass and entering it at the bottom.
I poured out the squash and added water, all the while chatting to my Mum and Dad. Then, as I began to suck on the straw, my Mum and Dad burst out laughing.
Confused, I looked into my glass.
I saw the biggest domestic spider I have ever seen at the bottom of the glass, only with a couple of missing limbs that my oh-so-hilarious parents allowed me to drink.

I never drank out of it again.

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One night I was in bed and woke up because of a strange noise. Only half-awake, it took me a minute to realize the noise was coming from inside my ear. I tried rubbing my ear, sticking my finger in my ear, but could still hear it. It was kind of like having water in your ear after swimming. I went to the bathroom for a q-tip and stuck that in my ear. When I looked at the q-tip, there was a little squashed ant on it.

Now I know what ant footsteps sound like.

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In my Chinese takeout.

Then again, one mans trash is anthers perk.

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A grasshopper climbed up my pants leg.

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@Bluefreedom : Lol… I love how you say “probably would’ve ruined my whole day” as opposed to “nearly killed me” or “seriously traumatized me.”

@jjmah: Yeah, I call them eyelashy bugs. They look like some false eyelashes skittering across the floor. Disgusting.

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Also… We have fire ants here in Florida. On was in my underware and it bit me too.

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ow. Bad place to have burning sensations.

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In a salad while I was in Mexico one time, in some delivered Chinese food one time, and once I watched my sister freak out and spray/spit iced tea that had not been put away the night before. It was what looked like a termite.

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Does this qualify?
A bee once flew right down the front of my dress. So scared I just didn’t know what to do.

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A friend of mine found a worm inside a Burger King.

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@bvdshec17 A Burger King restaurant? Bag of food? Sandwich?
I have to know!

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@Trillian In the burger!!!

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I found a tick in my bed a few weeks ago. I was NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.

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@deni You brought your bed camping?

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@deni Were you out west? Those little bastards carry some nasty diseases.

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I was at my house in Boulder lol. I wasn’t camping. IT WAS SO GROSS. Actually when I found it my boyfriend said “Oh when I got up this morning it was on my leg. I was really grossed out though and I didn’t want to turn the light on and wake you up so I just flicked it…it must have landed on your bed again”....Oh thanks lol

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@deni I think its Rocky Mountian Spotted Fever is the mean one out there. We get Lyme Disease.

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@Adirondackwannabe ew. my mom had Lyme Disease when she was pregnant with me! :(

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@deni How is she doing? I’ve seen some seriously messed up people from that.

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I was lying in bed once, and something was crawling on my neck, but at first I just thought it was my hair moving or sliding off…until it went in my ear.
I stuck my finger in there while freaking out and pretty much smushed it, and then proceeded to remove bug pieces from out of my ear. I don’t know what kind it was because it was mutilated, but it had legs anyway.

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@Symbeline EW!!!!
@Adirondackwannabe She’s perfectly well. Maybe it never got to a really bad stage, I’m really not sure though…

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On my phone, damn CIA.

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A 3inch dead cockroach in my shoe and I put my foot in my shoe before I knew it was there. Gross.

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My husband went to put on his shoes one day (and wasn’t taught by a wise mentor to check his shoes before putting them on!), and felt something as his foot started to go in. Thinking it was one of the little fuzzy balls the cat loves to play with, he reached in to pull it out. He kind of freaked out when he realized he was holding a black widow spider.

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Rain floods a basement.

A couple of years pass.

The contractor comes in to redo the flooring.

The linoleum is pulled up.


When biologists say there’s millions of species of insects, I believe them. Most of them were seemingly living in the basement of my flat when I was 12.

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I forgot about the time I was at my sister’s softball game when I was 10. A bug found me by flying into my nose! I could feel it wiggle around and it tickled terribly. I immediately pinched my nostrils shut, then my mother gave me a tissue to blow my nose. It came out in bits and pieces, blood included. It was so gross!

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I found a tick in my private parts. Ewwww!

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There’ve been days i’ve been told I have a bug up my butt.

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Get in the truck in the morning and a spider is staring at me sitting on the dash as if he’s saying don’t move this truck, I am sunbathing

Leave a shirt in the garage by my tools to use a second time and put it on and in the truck shell window there is a Seven Inch Worm crawling upward to my shoulder!

The truck sits for several weeks while traveling and get in and turn on the heater set to the dash vents and dirt comes out along with a giant spider that lands on the passenger seat and then just sits there_ as if saying ok- where are we going for breakfast? I’ll have Centipede jelly on my toast!

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A cricket got inside my jeans one time—I stripped in the street!!!!

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@thriftymaid One time I walked into an area completely infested with fleas. I walked to my house, and looked down and saw several hundred fleas crawling up my jeans. I too stripped on my porch, and left all my clothes right there. Then I went in and soaped up with flea shampoo. Ewwww Again.

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A wood tick among my pubic hair. Ick!

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@Dr_Lawrence I had the same thing once. I was a little kid and had no idea what it was. It went something like this: Me: “Dad, can you come here?” Mom: “I’m coming honey, what is it?” Me: “No, I need dad.” Me: “Dad, what is that?!?!” Dad: “Oh, that’s just a tick, hand on a second.” Then he comes back with a can of super cold spray. I think he got it form the hospital. One shot of that and the tick jumped up and tried to get away, but it was slowed down by the cold. Also, I didn’t see my testicles again for a week!

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The cat jumped on me in bed in the middle of the night. I told her to go to the kids’ room to sleep. She jumped down. There was something walking up my arm. I was screaming as I turned on the light to see one of those 3 inch cockroaches in my bed. The cat gave me a present.

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I didn’t mention this one because I didn’t think it was nearly as bad as the roach in the milk, and it was mostly arachnids and not bugs, but I once camped in a cabin in the woods when I was a Boy Scout. We all went to sleep in our bunks, and then the roaches and the spiders came out. The cabin was completely infested with Florida Woods Cockroaches (which I always called palmetto bugs) as well as with Australian Roaches. But more than cockroaches, it was entirely infested with wolf spiders, who I assume had grown to enormous size feeding on the roaches. The roaches stayed mostly on the floor, but the spiders came out of the rafters to feed on them. I jumped out of my top bunk when a spider about three inches across including legs jumped onto my chest. I’m not afraid of wolf spiders per se, in fact I kind of like them and just wished they ate more roaches, but when a furry spider that big lands on your chest in the middle of the night, it causes quite the startle effect.

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@Snarp your answer made me feel sick. I hate spiders even more than roaches.

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@wilma I would avoid inland central Florida if I were you then. Probably any place else in the lower latitudes as well.

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@wilma I’m with you. I can handle bugs, snakes, mice, anything creepy-crawly, but not spiders. I think my hair would turn white if a huge spider landed on any part of my body. shudders

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@Snarp I just recently visited inland central Florida. My daughter lives there.
I went to the kitchen one night to get a drink of water, was reaching for the tap and felt something unexpected, turned on the light and there was a huge, probably 2½ inches w/legs wolf spider, I had touched it!
I’m screaming, my son-in-law comes running in and calmly smacks at it and misses. It was never found. I didn’t sleep all night.

@MissAusten my hair did turn white, see my avatar. :)

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@MissAusten That’s funny- I’m the opposite. I welcome spiders but most other bugs creep me out.

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Spiders don’t bother me, and neither do most bugs. The idea of bed bugs petrifies me, and roaches. Oh god, roaches. My first answer here should tell you all you need to know about my feelings toward roaches.

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I opened a panel above my head in a chinese restraunt that I at one time really liked, and about 200 cockroaches fell out as I opened the cover and rained on me. About 3 hours later at another job I put my hand in my shirt pocket, pulled out my notepad and SURPRISE there was a roach in it.

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@rottenit That… is Hell. Raining roaches? Oh my god… Why did you open the panel?

That reminds, me though- I went to a culinary school (this was not in the building where the actual cooking happened) and someone in the class noticed a GIANT roach on the ceiling. One guy jumped up, took his notebook and swatted it off the ceiling. The problem was that he swatted it right at me and it landed on me. It skittered off and I didn’t know where it went. I was scared to open my backpack for like a month.

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Holy Hell. My 2 year old woke up crying “Buggy Mama!” We moved the next three days. Fumigated every effing thing. Cockroach on my baby.

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I was at my grandson’s birthday party, outdoors, talking to my kids-minding my own business- while waiting in line for the go-cart rides. I was in the middle of saying something when all of a sudden something flew onto my nose, its hind legs landed on my tongue, doing a sort of tick tick tickering tap dance on my tongue!!! They all gaped at me, I didn’t know what it was (really thought it was a moth) I brushed it off, doing a little horrified jig at the same time. The thing flew off, landed nearby, my son pointed it out to me, it was a giant Palmetto bug!! Can you say EEEWWW!!!

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@sherryc Ew, ew, ew! That would have freaked me out severely. Welcome to Fluther!

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@AstroChuck I remember when I first started working at my old Pediatricians office and he brought a roach out of the back room in forceps and told everyone the ear ache patient would be just fine. Thats friggin discusting!

The worst place I have found a bug was in my bra. I smacked his little bug hand and sent him on his fresh little way.

@sherry They are the most discusting insects in the entire bug world! What was God thinking when He made a FLYING GIANT ROACH THAT HISSES? That’s sick!

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