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Should I go to a psychologist again?

Asked by bizzzzmarkie (13points) March 9th, 2010

I am 19 years old and was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety at age 14. This diagnosis stemmed from drug and alcohol abuse, suicide attempts, and self-mutilation. I started seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist and after about a year of talk therapy and fluoxetine use, I managed to get my life back under control and feel genuinely happy again. I discontinued therapy and my prescription and was fine and completely sober for the following 3 years.

I started college last fall and have been drinking and using drugs again, but responsibly and with control. However, relationships with my friends have been strained lately which is really bumming me out, to say the least. I have started to drink when I am sad again, have disturbing nightmares, intense episodes of anxiety, and feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred. However, these symptoms have only been occurring that intensely in the past week.

I am considering seeking therapy again, but am unsure of my decision. I do not want to go back too soon if I might be able to deal with this myself, but I also do not want to let things get too bad before seeking help. Does anyone have any advice for evaluating whether or not one should seek psychological and/or psychiatric treatment? And if so, is a college counseling center an appropriate place to do so?

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