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PS3 or Xbox360?

Asked by Sparkie510 (397points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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PS3, by a mile. you could argue that it costs more but after paying for xbox live for a few years the 360 will cost more, the playstation network is free. some feature are only on the elite, which didn’t come out that much later than the original. theres no web browser on the 360. the PS3 has extra features if you have a PSP, such as acting as a rear view mirror in a racing game, the PS3 has better franchises, metal gear, tekken, wipEout etc. all the 360 has is halo, which is over rated. and only the elite has a HDMI. plus if you have a HD television, wouldn’t you like a blu-ray player built into your console?

there is no doubt about it, PS3 all the way.

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For right now I would definitely go with the 360. Both are great systems, but the full potential of the PS3 won’t be reached for a while. Since Toshiba dropped out of the format race, Blu-Ray has effectively won, which is a selling point for the PS3, but again for what’s out and available right now the PS3 won’t reach its potential for quite a while. It all depends really on what kind of gamer you are; if you just want to have fun gaming get the 360, but if you’re concerned with having the best of the best then get the PS3. As for online cost, you’d have to play online with the 360 for at least 6 or 7 years to make the cost equal to just the PS3 console (if you want the decent one that is), and by then nobody will probably be playing either. But really, you can’t go wrong with either. I’m not sure anyone could actually dislike either system.

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ps3 doesn’t have to reach it’s potential right now. It’s already got way more features. Like built in wifi which is a 100$ add on for the 360. Anyway there’s gonna be games in about a year that aren’t going to be able to play on the 360 simply because it won’t be able to. And oh yeah, everyone I know with a 360 has had theirs break at least once. One person 3 times

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One other thing. The lowest costing 360 is 360$. The lowest costing ps3 is 400. One payment of xbox live will put you over the price of ps3

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I personally own both. I’d have to say they both have their upsides. Decide which I Want and buy it.

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definitely the PS3. More reliable

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360 is the best system because of the live and everything and yes i know ps3 has live but it is better on 360

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They’re the same. Except you can use any headset you want on ps3 and 360 makes you use their headset.

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don’t forget about the SIXAXIS controler, which has a built in battery which charges from the playstation and is motion sensitive

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The sixaxis is pretty much a terrible gimmick, as most reviewers have agreed. i think Heavenly Sword (5 hour God of War clone) was the only game to implement it well with the arrows.

Most of the hyped games (lair, motorstorm) were pretty much crap, and MGS4 isn’t looking too hot anymore.

Xbox Live does a lot more, i’ve heard you can’t even access the dashboard ingame on the ps3s xmb. that’s terrible.

It doesn’t seem like you guys really care about the games, as none of you have really mentioned them. So go for the PS3. PS3 users don’t seem to use or play games anyway. They seem more focused on justifying their purchase by rumor mongering the 360 online.

Also, the thing about the headset is a lie. I have a friend that’s used a 3rd party wireless headset for a month or two.

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haha, your just jelous

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the word is jealous. and i’ll probably pick up a ps3 when blu ray really takes off, or around the release date of FF13. Fact of the matter is, the 360 is much better than the PS3 right now, and sales/game reviews represent that.

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