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What is one of the worst inventions that you use daily?

Asked by ModernEpicurian (1638points) March 9th, 2010

This has been inspired by another question posted earlier today, it got me wondering;
What is one of the worst inventions that we use on a daily basis, that is just rubbish?

My example would be the car. It’s a terrifying idea to start off with.
I know! I’ll drive a large chunk of metal very fast towards some other chunks of metal that are also going very fast!
And worst of all, it’s under my control? It’s ludicrous! ... in my opinion.

Anyway, I’m sure your ideas will be better than mine :-)

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Other humans.

The world would be such a pretty place without them mucking up the joint. Kind of lonely, too.

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Sarcasm,I mean come on there’s no need.

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The cell phone. It is a stupid object. It demands constant attention, it is noisy, it has unrealistic expectations of me. It is worse than a jealous lover, because I can’t even have a discussion with it nor take it to therapy. It is like a distant cousin you can’t stand as it makes odd noises at inappropriate times, it costs more than its worth and it asks for money continuously. However like all trash invented it has it’s good points, like when I break down in the middle of a dark and spooky night.

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Plastic…and Credit Cards
Cell Phones….TV

Vunessuh's avatar

I don’t use them daily, but cardboard tampons are absolutely ridiculous. Whoever invented them should be assassinated.

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The microwave has destroyed patience and good vegetables.

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I don’t use it, but I think Twitter qualifies. Who the hell cares what people are doing from minute to minute? If someone’s going to the bathroom, I don’t want to hear about it!

Just_Justine's avatar

@Dr_Dredd I agree. Plus Face Book I have to ask myself, why open my life to the public? all my photographs, my friends my family, all my thoughts. It is just madness.

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Cardboard tampoons? That wasn’t one that would come to my mind, and now it’s going to be stuck there.

Vunessuh's avatar

Yup, they get stuck, that’s for sure.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

By chance you wouldn’t know if it was a man or a woman who invented them?

Vunessuh's avatar

A stupid, stupid man..

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

That would have been my guess.

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Probably the television. Today’s Reality TV programs are completely rotting my brain and turning me into a senseless vegetable.~

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I agree with @Bluefreedom. And now they are making shows about reality shows—it will never end!! I can’t think of one of my own.

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Cell phones, used by people when they are driving. Totally irresponsible!!

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DRM. I bought it, I want to say what the hell device I want my media on.

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The Computer. After all, it is the Anti-Christ.

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I was going with the automobible until I saw your details. I think the car has changed the world for the worse in so many ways; killed town life, ruined the countryside, exponentially increased our demolishment of the world’s resources and divorced us from our neighbors. Not to mention what you cite; the danger factor.

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I agree with the car. How about student loans and high tuition costs? Why not just rid us of both and let everyone go to school

<<wishful dreamer

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LOL I agree.
My coffee pot that does not make really hot coffee is up there too.
I wish someone would recommend a pot that makes hot coffee. We grind beans and buy great coffee put when it’s freezing out it comes out luke warm.

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Disposable small consumer electronics.

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Soda/diet soda. It is terrible for my teeth and has no nutritional value.

philosopher's avatar

I recommend drinking water over ice.

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Seconding Youtube. For every worthwhile video, there’s a million unfunny, untalented, uninteresting attention whores trying to become famous.

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The ridiculous notion of the one size fits all (or both) toilet.

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Microsoft Windows.

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LOL I feel that way since I put Window 7 on.

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@Vunessuh I wanna know why tampons aren’t ribbed for my pleasure?? I use wayyyy more of those than the other things.

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