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Have you ever made up your own little phrases or hand gestures that are kind of odd to everyone else, but make perfect sense to you, and you take pleasure in knowing that?

Asked by starshine (576points) March 9th, 2010

When people start making me upset, I sometimes say weird things (“can it, lady” , “what a load”, etc.) or do this weird hand gesture that my brother’s friend uses to tell his dog to go lay down. I guess the saying aren’t really that weird, but does anyone else find themselves saying things that are out of the norm, or feel like you might be the only one that says that (that you know of, anyway)?
What kind of things do you say? Why do you say them? when did you start saying them? If weren’t the originator of the saying, where did you hear it from?

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I do this a lot, except my sayings are rather obscure. Only people really close to me know what the hell I’m talking about – this makes for fun times when I’m in an awkward situation and a friend happens to be there.
It also helps me in that I don’t get too swept away in drama when I inject some humour into it.

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I often use fuckles in place of fuck. Motherfuckles sounds so much cooler than motherfucker.

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@stardust , I have some of those too, i just didnt care to write them down. haha.
@Vunessuh , yeah it does. hahaha

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@starshine me neither, I don’t want to give away the game ;)

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I recite The Gettysburg Address when I make love….In the voice of Foghorn Leghorn while dancing like Micheal Flatley after a fifth of Scotch….but that’s it.

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I use “Dayo” (you know, like the Banana Boat song) as an all-purpose greeting, salutation, “how you doing?” and “Hey look at this!”. It started with my high school friends, and I’ve just never broken the habbit, even though I have little to nothing to do with anyone from my high school days.

When exasperated, I say “Oh for the love!”. For whatever reason, “of god” or similar is always omitted.

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@MrItty , you know, I’ve always wondered about “oh for the love of Pete!!” Who the heck is Pete? hahaha

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When I see a roadkill, I blow it a kiss to free its soul.

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When I scratch between my eyebrows. It means to shut up!

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The whole point of communication to have it be a two way avenue.
If someone has meaningful gestures and mannerisms that are only meaningful to themselves, then what’s the point?
Body language is a cue, a code for conveying information but if the recipient can’t decipher that code in any meaningful way, it’s just noise.

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I just change existing phrases, or combine them.

That’s just as useless as tits on a bull-dike.

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@starshine , it refers to St. Peter. It started as an alternative to saying “for the love of god” without taking the lord’s name in vain.

Saying “for goodness’ sake” is similar.

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