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How do you feel about receiving notice you'll receive a census form next week?

Asked by cockswain (15271points) March 9th, 2010

Yesterday I got my census survey in the mail…or so I thought. It turns out to only be a notice that next week I should get the survey. Is there any logic to such an event, or is this purely waste?

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I am glad I know so that I can improve my life in a week’s time.I want to get an A on this! ;)

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Agreed. Hopefully a week is enough for me to prepare to write a 3 on something.

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I was quite pleased to see that the people behind the census have the resources to send us all notices telling us when the form would arrive after the media campaign they’ve had this year. Makes you feel great, doesn’t it!

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I didn’t get a notice. Does this mean I don’t count? If so, can I stop paying taxes?

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I understand that the government has to get a head count in order to determine congressional representation and get some basic data about population growth or decline. Other than that, any other information that they want is none of their business.

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A census taker once tried to test me.I ate his liver with some….oh you know the rest.

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Surprised as hell, I can’t believe they found me…AGAIN! Time to start packing.

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I think it is ridiculaous that they have to spend so much money to ensure compliance when complying is a no brainer.

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They did the same thing with stimulus checks. It’s such a waste. However, I’m sure my employer (USPS) is happy with this practice.

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Considering the unemployment rate, how many USEFUL jobs (not the ones created by this endeavor) do you think could have been created for the cost printing and mailing a ridiculous letter to every household in the US? This must have cost a few million dollars.

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Just fill it out. There’s far more egrgious expenditures of taxpayer money and after the census you won’t have to see another notice like that for 10 years.

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Well, I really had no deep feelings about it.

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The letter lets you know it is coming so you can be expecting the real one. . There are people who would love to disrupt the process. This helps prevent problems and issues that might pop up. If the form does not show up honest citizens will conteact the census bureau and they can tract down the problem. The mailing also acts as a final confirmation for the address.
Banks do the same thing when they mail out credit cards or PIN.
Just fill the thing out and stop wasting time worrying about it.

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I’ll waste time however I want.

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State needs to mind it’s own business.

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BTW…this love note from the Gov cost us $55,000,000.00 Chump change these days….

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That could have employed 100,000 people for a year, or seriously helped improve living conditions in Haiti.

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