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If you enjoy sports, does placing a bet on a particular game or individual enhance your enjoyment or leave you too nervous of the outcome?

Asked by ucme (50047points) March 9th, 2010

Sports betting or maybe you’re a casino user.Perhaps you have a friendly game of cards with friends.

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I grew up in Vegas and was surrounded by gambling, so I never really had a desire to gamble as I grew older. I did play the slots once in Lake Tahoe when I was 20. I ended up winning $250 and had to quickly switch seats with my friend. He was 21 and was the only person in our group that could claim the prize. I was lucky I didn’t get caught!

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@jonsblond Damn rewrites, cheers anyway.

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@ucme haha…my answer doesn’t quite make sense now does it. ;)

I used to bet in a football pool at my husband’s previous job. They would let the spouses play along. I must admit I enjoy the game more without money involved.

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I love football but never bet other than an occasional game pool or steak dinner.

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