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What was high school like for you? Were you a jock, poplular, geek, band person, stoner? What did it mean to your life after you graduated? Do you regret your hs choices?

Asked by stevenb (3826points) March 9th, 2010 from iPhone

I was invisible for the most part. I was friendly to everyone, but because my parents moved a few times I was never accepted completely. I would have liked to be popular but I was too shy. I always new that who I was in hs wouldn’t matter after graduation, so I just accepted my loneliness. Would I be the same person I am now if I had been popular? Are you the same? Do you have the same friends? I honestly haven’t talked to anyone I went to school with in twenty years, until facebook.
I was pretty much the typical shy guy you see in teen flicks. What about you all?

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I loved high school – I was a science nerd and a drama kid and ‘the bisexual’ and all the boys wanted to make out with me in the staircase and I ran many clubs and because of high school I began conducting cancer research and improved my English tremendously and got into NYU. I go back there sometimes to judge the science fairs, to tell kids to go to college, to thank my AP teachers for preparing me plenty for college level work and to hang around with the teachers that used to hit on me and tell ‘em they were quite the perverts. They all agree with me.

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funnily enough, all of the above :)

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HS was so over rated and my indifference was fueled by an oppressive majority who somehow felt my nationality was a threat to them. I have one friend I still bump into now and then and we laugh about all the nipple-heads in HS.

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People knew who I was, but I wasn’t popular. I couldn’t be put into a category, either. I have seen the occasional person from one of the two high schools I attended in the years since graduation and they all ask in which attic am I storing that portrait.

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I like you moved all over the place, different schools, countries towns, I always had the wrong accent. I became the class clown. It was my way of dealing with things. I had tons of friends, my parents called our house a railway station. People just came there sat, stayed over, never went home!

At school I was incredibly naughty and always had the last word. Not much has changed. I wish my father had kept his promise though. That if I made a university pass despite only going to school at age 6 and constantly moving he would pay for my degree. I did get the pass, but had to pay for my own degree, which remains unfinished.

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I was a jock, band nerd, skater, artist, bike racer guy. I have no regrets.

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In high school, I was part of the “popular” crowd, also known as the “partiers”. That is what other people called us; I did not assign that label to us. That “popular” thing started in middle school. I was lucky. I had just moved from Las Vegas to California and happened to become friends with the “popular kids” and I stayed friends with them all throughout high school. Of course, I’m still not entirely sure why people called us “popular”, it seemed like people talked shit about us a lot. I suppose just because a lot of us were wealthy, athletic, and knew a lot of people. That doesn’t mean we were well-liked by everyone at our school, though.

Without sounding too arrogant, I think the label applied to me. Everyone knew who I was, I was nice to everyone, I had no enemies, I was never made fun of, it was overall positive. Of course I had my nerdier side, which never went unappreciated. And I hung out with nerdier people sometimes. And potheads (though I never did pot). I didn’t confine myself to one group.

All in all, I had a positive experience. Had plenty of friends, plenty of adventures (there are hundreds and hundreds of photos that document these) and I got good grades. The main con was that I was a closeted gay guy the whole time, but I enjoyed myself. I don’t know how much of an effect it’s had on me. I’ve always been outgoing and and extroverted and studious; this was just a reflection of it and that pattern of my behavior continues into college.

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It was “good enough” for me despite moving to a new school at the beginning of sophomore year. I had a few really close friends and a wider circle of other people with whom I socialized. I was in the honors classes mostly so something of a nerd, but basically considered myself in the vast middle of neither really popular nor an outstanding freak (in the bad sense of freak.) The drama club was the main focus of my social life and I found a comfortable home there, especially since our adviser was something of an outlier. I certainly had my share of adolescent angst but do not look back with horror on those days.

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I was in the band. I was on the debate team. I did outing club things. I didn’t do drugs or drink. I didn’t hang with any cool people. I didn’t date. People knew me, but I didn’t know them. I was pretty oblivious to just about everything social, cool, or practical. I didn’t have very many friends, certainly none that have survived to today. The closest to a friend I had was second chair trumpet (I was first chair).

Is there a category for clueless idealists with their heads in the clouds?

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I had one foot in the popular door, and one foot in the nerd door. I didn’t fit in completely with either group, but it worked for me.

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I went to public school. I don’t think I could be classified under one name – I was a mixture. Eccentric nerd, I guess. I was in honors classes, spent a lot of time in the photography dark room, and was pretty cynical. I completely rejected fitting in to the cheerleader group, because I simply knew it wasn’t me and I was happy with that. I wanted to do more interesting things. In my spare time, my best friends and I would either skip class and go on our own road trips, or we would hit local New England states for antiquing. Other times, we’d skip class and just do idiotic things like create and act out small plays, hang out with our older college friends, listen to a bunch of records and smoke, or just generally go on adventures. We were pretty sophisticated skippers. I didn’t like drinking a bunch of beer and getting sloshed at parties- but I’d grab a few friends and we’d steal a bottle of wine. To think about it..not much has changed!

I was lucky because I was in some weird class where the popular kids were actually the ‘smart’ kids and we spent a good deal of time mocking the more mainstream kids. We could actually be kind of jerks.

I think my high school years served me very well – I think I focused on making myself a more experienced person and absorbed as much I could to make me well rounded, and cared less about the superficial looks and popularity stuff. I think as a result, I wasn’t one of those kids that ‘peaked’ in high school. I also wound up with an extremely diverse group of friends that I still have.

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The word “popular” doesn’t exist in my dictionary. It’s one stupid contest, if you ask me haha
I’m the kid who doesn’t give a damn about your opinion or rumors and drama, so no one brings that stuff my way anymore :) I have many who I can say really do care. I think who I am in high school is not regretable, I hope to be this way (with slight maturing overtime, of course) for the rest of my life!

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I was a gossip queen in my school. We’ve some separate group in our class. Each group contains some close-bonded individuals with something in common and share the same interest. I love to have a lot of time talking about other student’s positive and negative value(everything about them),other people like when I talk and share information with them,and we do that in occasion but secretly. When I graduated we don’t meet each other in person anymore as we went into different university. I believe they’ve already had another good friend as I did there but sometime I still miss them. Although I know we wouldn’t be in the same group anymore.

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1) What was high school like for you?
I hated high school. I went to school with the snobby rich kids of Almaden Valley. I grew up on the opposite end and wasn’t cool enough for them. They weren’t necessarily mean to me, but they never extended social graces outside of their inner circle. I was pretty shy, but I hung around several different groups; the jocks, the geeks, the stoners and the asians. The asians were my favorite.
2) Were you a jock, poplular, geek, band person, stoner?
I played sports (basketball and volleyball). I wasn’t necessarily popular, but I wasn’t invisible either. Not really geeky. Wasn’t involved with band or choir or drama. I did take ceramics though. Yeah, I smoked a little weed among other things.
3) What did it mean to your life after you graduated?
I was estatic to leave high school. Leaving that hell hole began a new chapter in my life.
4) Do you regret your hs choices?
5) Are you the same? Do you have the same friends?
I was really depressed in high school, which come to think of it is probably the main reason why I hated it so much. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t, but no, I’m not the same person. I was depressed and really negative and sad and used drugs a lot. None of that applies to me anymore. I’m a much better person now.
I do keep in touch with a few friends.

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I was kind of a Geeky pothead.I had a good time in high school,my grades may have reflected too much of a good time.

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I was the shy photographer for the yearbook that hung out with the skaters and stoners, but got along with most groups, except the cheerleaders. I still talk to a handful of friends from high school, but my high school life is mainly a part of my past I would like to forget.

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High school was a pain in the ass. I was a cheerleader, in the chorus, and well-known/ liked by the teachers, but I spent 80% of my time in high school trying to fit in with hooligans I didn’t even like. I was very glad to graduate from high school and move on. I like progress. I regret a couple of choices I made in high school– mainly my dating choices. I’m definitely not the same person as that was three years ago. I didn’t have friends in high school, and now I’ve made friends at my job, so no, I don’t have the same friends.

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I grew up in a “seperate yourself from the world” religion that caused me to stick out like a sore thumb. I was constantly ridiculed, made fun of and shuned. I did not care at the time because I was devoted to my religious beliefs. I jokingly comment that I was religious until I got old enough to think for myself and then I did. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I had actually been involved with my peers through the growing up experience. As an adult, I am no longer involved with that religion and consider myself well-adjusted. I raised two moral, responsible sons without religion, but have always had trouble “putting myself out there” due to the experiences of my youth. I wonder if I had been able to blend with my classmates and had been able to find my place among them if I might have gone to college and been more successful as an adult. I had none of the experiences most kids have. No prom, no dating, no hanging out, joking, cutting up…etc. I wonder…........

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I was into art.I still am and don’t regret a thing :)

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I was a high school basketball player and obtained a four year scholarship with everything paid. That included room, board, tuition, books, and $15 month laundry money. In the 60“s, that 15 bucks a month came in real handy. Played against the great “Pistol Pete” Maravich and Pat Riley.

Also, was a pitcher/third baseman in the baseball team. Was high jumper and board jumper on the track team.

Don’t regret anything about high school. It defined my life.

Had lots for friends and still have those friends today.

Was an above average student.

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I was the loner…I skipped school to do homework in the school’s library…I was a class clown when I attended…My marks couldn’t go any higher had i attended more… I passed and received a diploma…then I went to summer school and got the classes I needed for a really crappy university. Now I live with my family in another town and I pay half the rent and I work 2 months of the year. My life is and was T.V. and sleeping… thank the stars I found Fluther…

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“You see us as you want to see us… In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…and an athlete…and a basket case…a princess…and a criminal. Does that answer your question?”

The Breakfast Club (1985)

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What was high school like for you?
It was ok, I think it could have been better, but it also could have been much worse.
I was involved in things, but not what I would consider a “popular” kid.

Were you a jock, popular, geek, band person, stoner?
I didn’t really fit in any group. I wasn’t in any sports but did go to most all of the games. I was in a couple of plays, mostly behind the scenes.
I really felt quite invisible, but in the 30+ years since I graduated I have had good reunion experiences. I didn’t date very much but also later, had quite a few guys that I went to school with tell me that they always wanted to ask me out, but didn’t think that I would go out with them or that my parents wouldn’t let me. That kind of makes me feel a bit sad.

What did it mean to your life after you graduated?
I began being who I became.
Does that make any sense?

Do you regret your HS choices?
I was an above average student, but could have done better.
I’m not sure that I took advantage of the opportunities of school as much as I should have.

Are you the same? Do you have the same friends?
I am somewhat the same. I was depressed sometimes in High school. I had undiagnosed Seasonal Affective disorder. I never told anyone about my depression, I tried my best to hide it. Now with age and wisdom, I know that it’s temporary and It’s OK.
I have some of the same friends, and those guys, who never asked me out, they are very nice and friendly to me and not afraid to talk to me now. I guess they grew up too.
funny unexpected thing though, I was the homecoming queen. A big surprise to me.

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I pretty much didn’t like high school. I went to high school (9th grade) the first year of integration in my area. It was awful because of the boys fighting. I never understood. The girls all got along just fine. I had a lot of friends and was popular but during those years I just wanted to be grown and finished with public school. I made decent grades and don’t remember ever doing homework or studying in high school. I didn’t like rules; I still don’t.

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I would be hard to put in a category… I hung out with everyone. But if I had to be in one it would be band geek/skater. High school is amazing

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Beleive it or not, I was a total nerd—despised by bullies around the world…

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People hated me with a seething passion. Or at least that is how it seemed to me. Some of them really did hate me, and would have gladly chewed off thier own arm if it meant they could beat my ass, while many others could have probably cared less, truth be known.

What high school is complete without faculty? I have always hated authority with a burning passion, and made no attempts to hide it. A few teachers (believe it or not) were smarter than me, and were able to redirect that passion toward other things. THey taught me the rudimentary beginnings of how your perceptions make or break you. I still kicked out glass windows and destroyed property every chance I got, but I left those teachers alone out of sheer, undaunted admiration and respect.

The culmination of every decision I ever made, and everything that ever happened to me, made me into the chick I am today, and I love her very much. I learned my lessons, and I learned them hard. I earned the right to like who I have become. No regrets!

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One of a dozen class clowns.

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I went to three high schools in in different regions in four years.
I was a good student but never really made any friends that would even remember me now.
I hated high school. It was understimulating and lonely.
I never even officially graduated although I subsequently obtained three university degrees.

I did make friends outside of school in youth groups affiliated with my faith.

Sadly, I failed to keep in touch with those friends or the people I met through twenty years of university.

Now, with my memory problems due to my medications and chronic sleep problems, I can’t recall more than a few names.

I feel like most of my life memories are a blur.

Sorry I got way of track in my answer.

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Wow. Great answers. It seems we all have a fair amount in common. Maybe that’s why we are all on fluther?

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I turned up at the last high school I attended half way through the last but 1 year. I’ve always been in the popular crowd, which is nice. This last school though was a real sh*t-hole, very violent, gangs & drugs aplenty. So it was also a little bit of self preservation.

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70% geek – 30% cool

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I was in all the honor classes with the popular kids and geeks; I’d say I was somewhere in the middle. I knew everyone, they knew me and I hung around all different groups. Teachers loved me but hated my laziness and mouth; I rarely did homework, my assignments were always late (but I always made fantastic grades) and I would talk to everyone around me (plus I was quite the smart-ass). High school was a blast. I miss it.

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100% outcast. I ended up in a school for juvenile offenders because of truancy. Even at that school I stuck out like a sore thumb. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing, it was much better having to deal with 50 idiots rather than 1500.

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I’m the nerd

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