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my girlfriend has a fantasy of me watching her with another man. Should I do it?

Asked by italia2usa (1points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone

looking for advise. She really seems to want this

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Only if you don’t want her to remain your girlfriend. If you don’t, make her a deal. You’ll watch her with another man if she’ll watch you with another woman.

It’s only fair.

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I feel a gangbang coming on.

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she has deep emotional problems that most likely stem from her father or an uncle.

get away from her.

this is not normal.

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Fantasy is meant not to be fulfill.If she wants to do it anyway you’ll end up looking at her in totally different way.

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No don’t do it. These things never turn out well. In the long run you will both regret it.

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no. pass.

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That’s got horrible idea written all over it. Although you would always have that trump card to pull out on her if you did it….

“Honey, could you please take out the garbage?”

- “You take out the damn garbage, you filthy whore.”

“Honey, would it be ok if my parents stayed for the weekend?”

- “And let them into the place where you act out your twisted fantasies? I don’t think so!”

“Would you mind getting me a glass of water while you’re up?”

-you just silently glare at her with rage in your eye…

On second thought, go for it dude. Clearly she’s not long term relationship material so you might as well have some fun with it before the relationship inevitably goes south…

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nothing i can say will beat the previous answer.

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gorillapaws rocks!!! I love your answer!!

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if ur an IDIOT say yes… Then get the balls to dump her !

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try playing dress up. Have her have you become her fantasy in front of a recording camera and tell her that the both of you can enjoy later. Case in point, have your cake and eat it too, kill two birds with one stone. That way you won’t have her with another man. If she really wants to have sex with another man than she’ll do it. And then you’ll know she’s not meant for you. If she’s gone then you’ll always have that video

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If you intend to stay with her then no. Maybe though if this isnt for you, you can explore your own fantasies with her.

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On second thought, go for it.. film it.. then at least you can sell the film and make some money once you dump her!

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You haven’t said how YOU feel about this… if you’re into it, and it doesn’t make you feel angry, jealous and resentful, go for it. (Although I think you’d have to be almost superhuman to NOT feel angry, jealous or resentful…)
If the prospect makes you uneasy, I don’t think it’s a great idea.

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If you don’t mind that it’s going to end your relationship in a firestorm of drama and potentially damage you as well, then go for it. Get pictures.

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tell her u want first dibs on him and then when she she gives you that really awkward look tell her your request was more sensible than her stupid fuckin request!

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I just want to know why fluther thought this was a “Question for me?!”

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no. It’s just a beginning

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@brownlemur- because you have “other primates” in your profile. he he.

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I think people are too quick to label this as the type of thing you should never do. If you think it might broaden the horizons of your relationship, and maybe even make her love you more, then absolutely go for it.

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Just tell her no and if she keeps bugging about it just dump her or tell her you wanna do the same thing with her and some hot other girl

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I kind of agree with ezraglenn on this. I mean everyone is so quick to say no and/or judge the girl. While it is true that a majority of relationships could have problems with this, that’s not to say that your’s would be damaged. It could strengthen it.

I don’t think she just wants permission to sleep with another man, it seems that she gets something out of you watching, but everyone here wants to say its wrong. I say if you don’t have a problem with it, go for it. I don’t necessarily think it’s the crazy thing that everyone else has made it out to be.

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I don’t necessarily think it’s a crazy thing. I just wouldn’t risk it if the relationship is something that you think is worth holding onto. If you’re sure this isn’t a girl you want to have forever, I’d go for it.

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Contrary to what most here are saying, in the long run, it probably won’t make a difference. Either the two of you will regret it and never talk about it, she’ll get it out of her system and you’ll never talk about, or she’ll love it and want to do it more. That last possibility is the only one you have to be concerned with and it’s the most unlikely.

It’s perfectly normal for people to want to experiment when it comes to sex. And while some ideas may be a bit more unusual than others, the odds of them indicating your woman is a stark raving crazy nempho are slim.

my $.02 worth.

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