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Have you ever had a truly disturbing and/or horrifying dream?

Asked by Vunessuh (16709points) March 9th, 2010

Inspired by this question.

I once dreamt that I was walking through some fields to an abandoned schoolhouse. When I walked inside there were at least 20 children, all sitting at their desks, bloody and battered. I got a closer look and noticed that all of their hands were nailed together. One child’s hand was placed on top of another child’s hand sitting next to them with a huge nail lodged through the two. As soon as they all noticed I was in the room, they immediately straightened up in their chairs, cowered when I came near and started calling me “master”. (Shudders)
The worst part is, I remember how powerful I felt and that I actually enjoyed the fact that they were afraid of me. I refused to help them. I just let them suffer. I remember getting pissed when they tried to escape too. I don’t know why I reacted that way. I think that’s what shook me the most when I woke up. The fact that I didn’t do anything about it.

Several years ago, I had four tiny consecutive dreams in a row the same night.
1) I was sitting in a car in an empty parking lot with my mother. She handed me a package and asked me to hand it to someone outside the vehicle. I got out of the car and suddenly this strong force began pushing me toward the darkness in the distance. I couldn’t stop it.
2) Then suddenly I was lying on the ground in my living room and I couldn’t move. I was completely paralyzed. A black cat with bright yellow eyes was sitting by my feet staring at me and out of the corner of my eye I could see another cat sitting by my shoulder. This motherfucker was eating my shoulder and I could actually feel little sharp pains every time he took a bite.
3) Then I was at a friend’s house. She invited me inside. She looked at me and the smile from her face disappeared. She looked at my arms. I peered down at my sweatshirt sleeves and blood was slowly soaking through them. I quickly rolled them up to reveal what was underneath and both of my wrists were slashed.
4) Lastly, I found myself back at my old house. I glanced at my wrists and they were fine. As I ran my fingers through my hair, huge clumps fell out into my hands. I walked to the mirror and I was balding. I had huge patches of hair missing. Suddenly, I could hear my mother on the front porch getting ready to walk inside the house. I panicked and hid in a corner.

Then I woke up. I was terrified. Both of those dreams deeply bothered me.

Have you ever had a dream like this that shook you to the core?

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Wow. That will take some thought. Scary stuff.

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Yes. When suddenly my friends,parent,and people all around my city become infected by a vampire and turn into one of them. This story would be long if I describe all of it. All I can is that I try as hard as I could to avoid them,hide,and run as fast as I could. In the end I let one of them to bite me and end my suffering. Sounds creepy.

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Last night i had two truly horrifying dreams.

First I dreamed I came upon a camp where there were Mexican teens and young children. They had been abandoned there along the border, and they were being forced to perform sexually. Some of them were murdered, and their siblings were wandering the camps searching for them, even though I knew they were dead.

Then after that dream, i dreamed that a couple of young lovers were forced to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. They guy tried to jump alone leaving the girl behind, but she jumped onto his back. I was with them when he went to the exit from the plane. It was clear glass and you could see the ground rushing past. Then I felt the sensation when it opened, and they were falling. He was talking to the girl on the way down trying to distract her.

I don’t know why I had such terrible dreams last night.

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Yes.I slept with John Goodman.

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@Doctor_D I have a lot of zombie dreams just like that. I’ve had so many though that I find myself enjoying them now.
@marinelife I find it odd how one can have two or more nightmarish dreams in a row in one night. One is enough. Geezus. Thanks for sharing.
@lucillelucillelucille That wasn’t a dream.

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@Vunessuh -psst—What’s he say??lol!—
@Adirondackwannabe -He did scream alittle…—and won’t stop calling me—lol

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When my oldest was a baby I dreamed that I was at my grandmother’s house and there were vampires trying to “get” us. I’ll spare you all the long and involved details, but at the end of it I had been bitten. I could actually feel myself “turning”. The last thing that happened before I woke up was I was going after my daughter.
Another time, (I have lots of disturbing, vivid dreams) I was with a group of people who worshiped these giant ants. I was standing atop a high cliff looking down. A man was in front of it as a sacrifice. The cliff face was like packed sand. As I watched, it turned to a liquid-like substance and from above I saw the head of a giant ant come out and grab him with its mandibles and drag him back inside. Then the cliff turned back to sand, or whatever it was.

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Yeah, here is mine.

I’m glad that dream stopped….

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oops! sorry I tried to post that like you guys do, with the here thingy. But it came out as an http. Don’t know how to do the “here” whatsit.

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Just last night I had this super creepy dream that my friend’s little brother showed up on my front porch, minus one hand. It had gotten chopped off and the stub was bleeding all over the place. He kept asking me to help him, but I didn’t know what to do other than call an ambulance. While I was waiting for the ambulance to come, all these shady people started convening on my driveway. I don’t know how I knew this, but somehow I knew that they all wanted my friend’s brother to die and they were just waiting for it to happen. When the ambulance came, they all started growling at the driver. This definitely isn’t the creepiest one I’ve had, but it’s fresh in my mind.

I’d say the creepiest dream I can think of was one that I had last year. The necessary backstory is that I had been sick for a long time last year and some of my final exams had to be delayed while I recovered. This dream took place after my classmates had already taken their exams but before I had. Anyway, in my dream, I was at a diner and I saw one of my classmates sitting at the next table with a textbook, studying. I asked him why he was studying since he had already taken the tests. He replied that he also had his tests delayed, because he too was having health problems. He said that he had been diagnosed with some disease where he would die if two particular rare chemicals touched him at the same time (I know that makes no real medical sense, haha). However, he said that both chemicals were extremely rare so it was very unlikely that they would both ever be in the same place at the same time. Anyway, we left the diner together and apparently those two chemicals JUST HAPPENED to unite on his fingertip at that moment. His skin started peeling off starting at his fingertip and going up his arm, until all of his skin had peeled off and he was just a bleeding mass of organs and muscles on the ground! I had some trouble dealing with that imagery after I woke up.

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1..2..Freddie’s coming for you…

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@everyone Thank you all for sharing. Lurve for you all.

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I think everyone has had horrifying dreams. The one that stands out for me is one in which I was simply looking at a tombstone with the name of someone I loved dearly. That was it. But it stayed in my mind for a long time.

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Just last night. I dreamed that Ben and Ronna were happy, but there was a sinister motive to that happiness. I was snooping around on their computer and came across several thumbnails leading to links and pictures about the paranormal. I clicked on one link and it showed pictures of a woman that I’d never seen before. This woman had photos taken of her possession. I looked at her eyes and they looked very harmful, evil, painful. She had a familiar expression. Ronna walked in on me looking at these pictures and she said “What did you think about Stephanie’s photos?” I just looked at her and nodded, because I was trying to place where I’d seen that evil look before. And then Ronna said “I saved these pictures because don’t you see it’s Grandma Ruth?” and then I said to Ronna, “You just sent shivers up my spine, I know! I know! That is her! I have chills throughout my entire body. I can’t believe you can see this!” and then I woke up.
The look on the woman, Stephanie’s, face was so horrifying that just describing the dream in words does not do it justice. It was like the evil part of Ruth that was so obvious to everybody, but denied completely, was now brought out into the open. Ruth was a real person that I knew, she has since passed away. Ben and Ronna are real people too, but I changed their names here for privacy. Stephanie I had never heard of, or seen in real life and I do not know how that name appeared in my dream.

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I have some really weird dreams if I eat a lot of sugar before I go to bed. I know your dreams can be affected by what you did that day or what your mood is. Weird stuff

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All the time! Too graphic and awful to rewrite or spend time dwelling on. I will save that for therapy.

However I will say , my worst nightmares were experienced while wide awake.

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Wow that children dream is messed up. O_o

Well, I’m certainly not trying to make myself all weird and creepy just for the hell of it, and it’s all true too; most of my dreams involve murder. Usually that is me murdering someone, most often with a blunt instrument like a hammer, although I’ve used a riffle before. I can spare the details, as I’m sure nobody needs to hear but what is important to note is how I feel in the dream when I’m killing someone; nothing. I’m afraid AFTER the act, usually for fear of being caught and arrested, so I find myself dreaming about how to hide the body, or hacking it up to better hide it.
The people I kill are usually random, and seldom are they anyone I actually know, nor does there ever seem to be any motive or reason behind these acts.

These dreams seem normal to me because I always have them, but that I murder random people in cold blood and feel no guilt at all is kinda disturbing upon reflection.

Most of the dreams that truly disturb me however are ones which include malformed or deformed people. Just seeing them I’ll freak out, and usually wake up right soon after. I don’t get it either, because in real life, people with physical anomalies don’t frighten me at all. But in dreams I’m all like, noooo. Extra limbs, disfigurement…

…once I had this dream that I was in a VERY old and dilapidated environment, some kinda housing for immigrants. I was with my dad, who passed away years ago so dreaming about him is always weird to me.
We go into this building and notice the inhabitants are VERY filthy. Like they’re really poor. So is the place itself. garbage everywhere, rotten furniture, all sortsa ew crap.
But all the people have countless bandages and things on them to cover wounds, but it’s all OLD and dirty. Not a single wound is fresh, it’s all infected or dried up, and everyone is covered in scabs, scars and filthy bandages and ripped clothing all stained with dried piss, puss and blood.
So I lean against the wall and slide down and sit on the floor, and my dad sits besides me. I’m talking to him, then he looks at me, looks up again and points with his finger. I look over there and one the people slowly turns his head to me, and he has no face. It’s just layer upon layer of flesh. No eyes, no mouth no nose, just weird flesh, but I KNEW he was seeing me, and I was like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and woke up lol.

Another time i had this dream that i needed stomach surgery done…I was on a gurney being taken to the operation room and was put to sleep with anesthetics…passing out in a dream and waking up again is very odd. Everything went white, and when I woke up (In the dream.) it was so bright I could barely see and I was really hot.

Then the surgeon, who for some reason was Bolo Yeung, looks at me and says, sorry miss, we fucked up.

I look down on my stomach and all my guts are sticking out, but they’re all charred and black and useless.

Guess this isn’t much consistency, but most of my dreams always have reoccurring themes, both in image and emotion. (Or lack thereof.)

I’m also prone to nocturnal paralysis, which often makes me “dream” about people breaking into my place while I’m helpless to do anything, but I’m not sure that those count as actual dreams, since they feel more like hallucinations, on account that you dream with your eyes open and see the environment you’re in for real. (Bedroom, or wherever you happen to pass out.)

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Thankfully, I don’t often have really bad dreams. The scariest were the nightmares about spiders when I was a kid, or the nightmare I had after I saw the move “Pet Sematary” (really dumb, I know, but the dream was awful and I refuse to watch scary movies now).

Last night, however, I had a dream that was really disturbing. I don’t want to tell my husband about it because I know it will freak him out. In the dream, we had taken our kids to the hospital because there seemed to be something wrong with them. It turned out that our daughter, who just turned 11, was pregnant. We were in a waiting room with a lot of other families, all of them with a very young pregnant daughter. Each of the girls was hooked up to an ultrasound, and we could all see all the unborn babies on screens all over the room. The doctor was telling us that our daughter was expecting a baby girl. In the dream, I was scared for my daughter and very confused. I knew I had to ask her how she got pregnant but didn’t want to know the answer. Finally I took her aside and said, “You know that the only way to get pregnant is by having sex. Who did you have sex with?” She answered with a big smile, “No one. It’s God’s baby!” The dream then progressed to me sitting with my daughter while she had an OB exam and hearing the doctor say, “This baby is coming very soon!” It got kind of muddled after that, and about the time the hospital staff informed us our sons were also pregnant, I woke up.

Weird, huh? It’s been bugging me all day!

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Yes, on occasion (a few times a year) I’ll have a bad dream that makes me feel pretty bad afterwards.

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@MissAusten I think some of the weirdest and most disturbing dreams involve our family. I would assume it’s because we’re going to be more sensitive to them since our family is involved. When weird shit goes down with the fam, it sticks out in our mind more. Thanks for sharing.
@Symbeline The one with your dad is definitely creepy. Have you seen a short documentary called The House is Black? It’s about a leper colony. Your dream reminds me of that movie. The stomach surgery dream is actually kinda funny. XD
“Sorry miss, we fucked up.” Bahahaha! I had a dream that I was being raped by two guys in a high school football field before. I knew I was dreaming, but at the same time it was rather realistic and I could feel them hurting me. I struggled to try and get out of it for a long time before I finally gave up and let them do whatever. That’s the one thing that’s always bothered me about my dreams – I can feel things. Painful things.
When I was really young, I had a dream that I was with my parents and there were two separate lines. My dad and I went into one line and my mom in another. I was crying out for her because I wanted us to be together, but the people in charge of the place wouldn’t let us. They let my dad and I go and kept my mom. The people in that line were being killed. Fuck, I hated that shit. :/
Not too long ago I had a dream that I was walking through a neighborhood at night and I could hear this chainsaw in the distance and some truly vile, grotesque noises. It sounded slushy. I walked closer to the noise and inside a home and up the stairs. I found a young boy, maybe 7, sawing through a woman’s body. He was covered in blood and guts and laughing like a maniac at what he was doing. I know he saw me from the corner of his eye so I panicked and ran out the door. He came running after me and then I immediately woke up.

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I’ve had really horrifying dreams before but the main one(s) in particular are ones that 90% of the time are triggered by coming down with a sickness like a cold/flu or sometimes even the medicine itself will cause these dreams
About 5 or more years ago when I was in elementary school i was sick for awhile and had to stay home from school. I remember going to bed that night all stuffy and congested and later on in my sleep I had this dream where I was in this mystical land, kind of like an orchard of some type and there were short plants and a few trees and flowers. There were also mystical creatures around, very small and some could fly almost fairy-like and they would buzz around all happy and joyful.They had small chipmunk voices except even higher pitched.
I remember the Feeling but not so much the visuals but after awhile, feeling all joyous and social, I remember something Huge, and Industrial looking in the distance..—I remember smoke and the atmosphere changed to a reddish Hue—I looked up, and there was a giant A-bomb coming full force and i could feel the ominous impact and i could hear the scared high pitched voices of the creatures around and then….BOOM—and everything goes white for a split second—I wake up in a panicked sweat, shaking.
This dream happened 3 times in total each around the same season (seasons i get sick) and with slight variations and some occur with a connected dream that happens after i go back to sleep (just ask if you want to know details about that one)

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All the time. Almost all of the dreams that I actually remember are horrific in nature. Often the subject matter is zombies, or cannibalism. & I’m often being pursued by some unstoppable monster. I use them for inspiration.

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@WolfFang Thanks for your answer. :)
@Cloverfield Just last night I had a zombie apocalypse dream. I figured I’d have some crazy dream after asking this question. Thanks for answering. :)

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@Vunessuh Always a pleasure…. & happy I could inspire some brain chompingly good dreams for you :)

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. The most disturbing dream I could remember I was riding in something with an angel, we were in some void or maelstrom with dark green and black looking clouds about. The angel and I approached what looked to be a sliver of orange. As we got closer it looked like a smoldering phantom zone as seen in one of the Superman movies (but that one was not smoldering) it looked like a flat surface you could enter and exit. I asked the angel what that was and he replied it was hell. About that time other angels came with what looked like a dump trailer filled with screaming naked people. The angels tipped it over this smoldering zone and in they went screaming and crying. It seemed soooooooo real it scared me awake.

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In regards to the first dream; I’ve had many dreams where I take the place of someone else. I’m still me in the dream but I think like someone else and/or act like someone else. I can never see myself in my dreams so I don’t know what I look like but I’ve had dreams where I’ve done/thought something that I would never ever think if I were myself. I don’t remember many of my dreams but I’ve had one in particular that really bothered me. I was in a car with my mom, dad and older brother. Nothing looked familiar except them. It was a while ago so I don’t remember everything. But something happened and my brother and dad got out of the car and made me come with them. We left my mom and I was crying that I wanted to go back and get her, that someone was taking her away, but they just laughed at me. I woke up crying. I don’t know where it came from because my brother and my dad both love my mom very much and would never ever do anything like that. It bothered me a lot though. One more that I’ve had, I can’t see anything, but I feel a sever anxious feeling. It sounds ridiculous but I feel like a whole bunch of people (including me) are running from a huge ball like figure and it keeps getting closer and closer until it almost gets us but I wake up just in time. I’ve had that one several times. I’ve had others, I just can’t remember enough of them to write it down. Mostly I just remember the feelings that I had in the dreams.

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