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I need help understanding why my ex keeps looking at me ?

Asked by kadi (7points) March 9th, 2010

i was with my ex for over a year, we had many ups and downs over this time but one month ago he said things were finished totally out of the blue, as we work together i knew this would be awkward but for the first two weeks he totally ignored me walked out of rooms etc when i walked in. Then over night he suddenly changed to following me into room needing computers were i was when there were free ones else where, hovering around my working area and staring at me all the time. I have left that work place because i had already put my notice in as i was starting a new job so we could get money together to get a house together, and don’t really understand why he changed over night when i was in my last week where he wouldn’t have to see me again anyways. what does this mean alot of people say he is regretting his decision are they right?

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I think it could be the opposite – that he is over you. But it sounds like you’re not over him, something you should probably work on.

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It means that he loves you, wants you, and that you’re pergnint. :-P

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He either needs to man up and tell you that or get lost.

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Don’t worry about what it means. The relationship is over and he hasn’t contacted you. Put him behind you.

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Are you living together or just working together?

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Perhaps you are seeing something that isn’t really there.
Make a new start in your new job.
He was able to tell you it was over, so equally he should be man enough if he feels he has made a mistake. Try to move on.

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Do not think about him. You are in a new job and have moved on. It may not mean anything.

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He hasn’t been able to find anyone else to have sex with.

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