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What do you exactly mean when you say "(S)he rocks"?

Asked by euiseung (16points) March 9th, 2010

I have frequently run into an expression, “You rock!” or “Someone or something rocks!” while chatting on the Internet with native speakers. While I can guess the phrase has a positive meaning, I don’t know what it exactly means.

Is there anyone who will enlighten me on that?

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It means that they are cool, exciting, excellent, they have done something good.

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You rock! = You’re awesome!

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You are either fabulous or Roger Daltrey.

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Anything positive you can think of.

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Technically, old school meaning:

She does the deed.

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Thanks for all of you who answered my question.
Then, is there any reason for expressing like that? I mean, I’d like to know origin of the expression, if any.

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Awesome, Amazing, etc. Any generalized positive term.

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Take a peek at this video…Look at the people in the audience and the band and when you see or feel anything close to this….YOU ROCK!!! Simple…rock on!

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It’s like saying, “You the money.”

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When rock and roll began- long, long before you or I around there was music that was serene and beautiful and tranquil. Sure there was a bit of hop to the Charston or the like but really all was controlled and dignified and often even scripted.

When rock and roll emerged it was lubricant for the soul. It allowed us to move freely and with abandon. We could let the music envelop us and all the cares of the world vanished as the music took over. Rock left us empowered and full of energy.

“You Rock” means that you are awesome- that you are a bridge to better. It means you move the world and it does not move you.

That is my take on it and I am sticking with it.

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It comes from the cave man speak of early times when searching for a threesome. The phrase “You Rock” was usually followed by “Me Hardplace. Need to find Between”.

so fucking shoot me for being lame. I’m tired and have no patienczzzzzzzzzz

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“Rocks” is the mid point between “doesn’t suck” and “rules”; “doesn’t suck” being average on the “sucks/rules” scale so “rocks” means you like the person more than the average person.

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Slang is hard to explain. It is usually not very literal. But we do have several confusing meanings of “rock” in English. This one has nothing to do with the noun meaning “stone.” It’s closer to some senses of “rock” as a verb.

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That someone is beyond amazing, brilliant, awesome, in a perfect world everyone would be what that person is naturally, just fabulous.
hugs everyone xx

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That person is rock ‘n roll rockstar fabulous!

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