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Whats the perfect milk to cereal ratio?

Asked by Milk (357points) March 9th, 2010

So that the cereal isn’t half dry and half soggy.

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I always pour until I see the cereal start to float, then stop and eat immediately.

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Since I like my cereal quite dry, it’s about ⅓ to ⅔. Welcome to Fluther!

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I fill the bowl to the brim; half cereal and half milk. Then I eat fast so it doesn’t get soggy.

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bowl full of cereal. Milk just covers cereal.

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Pour the cereal, then pour the milk until it is between 1” and ½” from the top of the cereal. Mix the cereal on top in a little so all is damp, and enjoy!

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Cereal in first then just put the milk in till it looks about right.

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Most of the time I eat cereal completely dry, but if I have any milk, I pour very slowly so there’s only a small amount on the bottom of the bowl. Just enough to make the cereal damp if I mix it together. I prefer not to see the milk at all.

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Pour the cereal, then pour the milk. Then “pat down” on your cereal, like you do to get all the cereal on top wet. On the lowest point of the “pat,” the cereal should just be covered by the milk.

Using this method has also always allowed for just a few good sips of that milk with the sugary flavor left in it at the end :)

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How do they get those little plastic things on the end of my shoelaces?

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One glass of milk for one bowl of cereal. You can decrease the amount you take to suit your diet.

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Begin with ½ cup milk and stir the cereal moistening all flakes and fruits, add more milk until all is moist so the bowl doesn’t flood and make it soggy- add additional milk as needed to aide digestion. If your a dangerous breakfast eater using copious amounts of milk then wear a bib to protect your clothing or just eat nude

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I don’t know as far as ratio… but I do have some cereal quirks for sure:

I eat cereal one of two ways: either with soymilk, or with yogurt.

I like to eat yogurt with either grape nuts or a mueslix type of cereal with raisins and nuts.

When I do have cereal with milk, several people have pointed out that it’s weird for me to pour my milk before the cereal. Yet, this is how I have always done it, and usually try to eat it before it gets soggy, especially flakes. The only cereal I will eat soggy is Lucky Charms. Mmmm… they’re magically delicious!!

@SeventhSense ~ those plastic little things are called aglets, one of my favorite words

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you put as much cereal you want to eat in the bowl, and then start pouring the milk, once you see the milk starting to come between the cereal, could for one more second, stop pouring, and then eat and enjoy :)

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I really think this depends on the type of cereal. I tend to like my cereal to be a little dry & cruchy so I’d recommend a 1:3 ratio in favour of cereal.

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I am dairy-intolerant so on the rare occasions I have cereal at all I have it totally dry. (I could use soyamilk but I don’t like the taste)

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I used to pour until the cereal started floating. But now I hate milk (more specifically, I don’t eat fast enough for every piece of cereal to stay crisp. I still hate milk though), so I don’t eat cereal except from a baggie as a snack.

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Define the criteria. Taste? Health? Feast for the eyes?

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100% cereal, 0% milk.

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