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How can you tell if a boy likes you or not ??

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) March 6th, 2008

I just kinda need to know :P

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low cut shit + intriguing bra. See if he stutters. ;)

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haha. good way to develop lust . . .
just wait and find out. no need to rush anything.

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If he acts stupid or tough around you that is usualy a good sign

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allnowingone has it pretty dead on. i know i make an ass of myself if i’m trying to impress a girl.

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if he circles maybe

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If you are a student, I would say if he is always around. Like in between classes, at lunch, etc…That is a pretty good sign. Also, if he asks you questions like “what are you doing this weekend,” “How was class,” things like that.

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Women have the unique ability to ask without sounding creepy. Do you like him? Ask!

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if he kinda makes fun of you that is usually a good sign. Other than that I agree with above answers.

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yeah, if he is a little mean and makes fun i’d say he’s into. We always try to act like tough guys but we suck at it. haha.

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ishotthesheriff: I know. I was mostly playing there.

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We might be able to give more detailed advice if you elaborated a bit.

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Hmm… well i like this guy a lot, and he’s my best friend. I just wanted to know a few pointers to try and help me tell if he feels the same way….

But i don’t want it to ruin our friendship see =[

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Ok, I did some remembering and analyzing which I’ll spare everyone. If you can pull this off, this is what I’d suggest: You say he’s your best friend, so go talk to him alone, and relate to him as usual briefly so you’re in the usual friendly context. Then say something like, “Would you give me an honest answer about something?” If he says he agrees, ask something 2/3rds of what you want to know, like maybe, “Do you think I’m cute/pretty?” and see how he reacts. After all, it’s ok to ask your friend if he thinks you’re pretty and still be friends, but it’s an opening for him to show you interest if he has any. You can escalate the questions or step back from there as needed. Just hold yourself in the context and casual clarity that there’s nothing weird about talking to him and you want to find out what he thinks about you and if he’d like to venture that way or not, but it’s not a big deal and in any case you’re friends and there’s no reason not to talk openly and stay friends. If you can be not weird and worried about it, he probably won’t either, but if you are, he probably will be too.

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Thanks for the advice ^^

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