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Is it bad to drink a glass of white wine before sleeping?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) March 9th, 2010

Ok it’s been a week since I started drinking white wine before I sleep and since then I’ve been up earlier and feel more rested, but everyone is telling me it’s bad and it disturbs my sleep pattern.

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My Dr advised me to try wine before sleep. It also makes me feel more rested when I wake.

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Look, it’s your life – if it helps, fine – though I’d say wine should be a once or twice a week kind of thing.

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It’s better than having a glass of wine while sleeping.

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It’s better than having a glass of wine while sleeping.

Or first thing in the morning.

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I have heard it helps but I think it depends on the person. Every time I drink wine before bed I wake up 2–3 hours later and cannot sleep again. However I drink red. I wonder if it makes a difference…

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There must be something to it since NyQuil is marketed as a night cold remedy that helps you sleep but is essentially a doubleshot of hard booze with an antihistamine.

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I would say it helps quite a lot to drink a little before you snooze, “smooths over the cracks”

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Alcoholic drink can make you experience deep sleep. And headache in the morning(when you wake up).

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@Doctor_D But I have yet to experience any headaches

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@Doctor_D I agree with @MrGeneVan. No headaches here either,but I sip only a small amount.

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Try red instead. Sleep like a baby!

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My friend’s OC drinks wine constantly, & is a narcileptic. Then again, he also cries a lot. And he’s a nobleman.

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It shouldn’t be bad for you if you drink only a small amount.

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I agree with Bellumbri. It’s called a “night cap,” an ancient and venerable institution. I have a few sips of port every night before I go to sleep. Works like a charm.

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It’s bad to drink a whole bottle or more.

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I don’t see too much harm in that. It might be worth totting up your units per week – that’ll give you an idea I suppose :/

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I drink almost 5 liters, or a “Box of wine”, White almost every night. I found out that the alcohol volume of the wine I had been drinking was about 9%. I found a new box at 11%, and a box now lasts almost a week. Sometimes, I don’t drink anything at all before I sleep, and get a good rest. I think it all depends on you. I have my on and offs with it. Since I have recently been put on medication, I have no choice but to stop my old fashioned “Night Cap”.

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