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It's 12:56 pm. I'm tired and yet awake. Any suggestions for going to sleep when your entire being rejects the idea?

Asked by ArtiqueFox (974points) March 9th, 2010

I would love to go to sleep right now. But for the last two hours, I have been unable to. It’s strange because I’m not worried nor am I ill. It randomly happened. This is the first time.

So, any ideas on how to get asleep within the next hour when the body is unwilling? I just know I’ll regret tomorrow unless I get some shut eye now.

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“Hit yourself on the head with a hammer. You will be out in nano-seconds.”

If you are going to insult me, use proper spelling, then you appear to have some intelligence. I might just might be offended as an award.

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What I usually do is read. sometimes a glass of warm milk or warm water with lemon and honey will help. Some people swear by a long hot bath, with epson salts.

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you can try a hot bath, eat something with Tryptophan and/or Magnesium, read, drink chamomile tea, listen to calming music

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Do you have a fattie rolled? Just ignore the answer below mine.

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@Everest @FutureMemory Easy, boys.

Check out these questions. There are some good answers there.

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If you’re still awake, try listening to some relaxing music/sounds (thunderstorm, rain, ocean waves etc).

Mimic your body as if it were in sleeping mode. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and take slow and deep breaths while lying in the postion you regularly sleep in.

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If I knew how I wouldn’t be up myself. XD

Well sometimes reading helps, but I find that it’s what you don’t do that helps the most…for example, things like going on the net or playing video games before bed is not a very good idea as it seems to stimulate the mind and body.

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turn down the lights
lay down
turn on a podcast
close your eyes
sleep will come

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Listen to Enya…

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Here’s a new one. I lay down and turn on the tv so low I can hear it, but just barely. I make sure it is on a station that will have one boring show after another, and then I try to listen to the program. It takes so much effort that I’m soon out like a light.

Barring that, there are allergy medications that will make you sleepy (Benedryl), or you can drink a half glass of wine before bed.

Melatonin works, but don’t get the pill form, because it gives your body too much. Extended use will fill up all the melatonin receptors and your body will stop making it at all. Instead get the liquid. It goes to work almost instantly (through the mucus membranes in the mouth) so a few drops at a time (no more than maximum dose) until your body gets the message is an option also.

Hot milk or dark turkey meat also works for me (contains L-tryptophan).

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Usually laying flat on my back with both arms on my pillow, up over my head, will put me out relatively quickly. I think it’s because it causes me to breathe more deeply, and stretches out my muscles just enough to force me to relax.

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Try reading the bible, that shit always puts me to sleep….

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Take Benadryl and read a book….out like a light.

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Read the most boring book you can find??? Works for me :)

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Exert yourself.

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When you say “your entire being” rejects the idea of sleep, then I have to ask “why are you trying to sleep?”

Obviously if you have some desire to sleep then “your entire being” hasn’t rejected the idea, has it?

Otherwise, if your body is not relaxing enough to sleep, and your mind is keeping you awake, then I’d recomment @cheebdragon‘s excellent advice. Start with Genesis, and by the time you get to the “begats”, you’ll be out like a light.

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Don’t fight it. You can try to wear yourself out without bursts of dancing or exercise and some glasses of water but if your brain doesn’t want to shut off then you’ll just end up frustrated trying to figure it out. I’m a frequent insomniac for several years now and I’ve found whether or not I drank, took meds or whatever that the amount of sleep I got was about the same as winding it out and eventually my body would give in. Good luck.

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what i’d do is, just relax; listen to some relaxing music, drink some warm milk, read some pocket books if you like, just lay down, and don’t think too much that you can’t sleep.

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@CyanoticWasp I can remember getting ready for church when I was a kid, and I remember the car ride home…..

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