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How to spice up boredom?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) March 10th, 2010

What do you do if life is moving slowly?

If you are waiting for exciting things to happen?

Do you keep waiting, or do find things to do, to pass time?

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Get a job.

Find a hobby.

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I have two young children, a girlfriend, an ex-wife, am self employed and really enjoy video games, music, films and tv… I’m very rarely bored.

Fill your life with stuff.

Oooh and I find waiting for exciting stuff to happen rarely causes it to. There have been exceptions, of course, but I find making exciting things happen works much better, when I want exciting things to happen.

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“Do you have a fattie nearby?” Quote from Towlie

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I rearrange my bedroom. I need a change every few months.

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My life never moves slowly… a home… a husband… two dogs… a job… a garden… the list is endless

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I get bored when I am in my own head (or on someone else’s) too much. Getting involved with other things and other people – taking a course, working with others, reading something substantive, walking with a friend – gets me engaged. Learning to say “no” when you don’t really want to do something is another way to get unstuck.

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@janbb I very rarely don’t want to do stuff.

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Work, music and I am currently registering for college…..if not for school I was thinking about a 2nd part time job but I’d rather devote my extra time to classes.

Maybe you could even do some volunteer work, you never know….help out the community?

If you have the time and money, I’d say learn something that you like or can benefit from.

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Life will just pass you by if you wait.Go out and pursue your interests.Call a friend,take a class,volunteer,buy a new gun,exercise,enroll in clown college,meditate,fake an orgasm,go for a walk,get a punching bag,listen to music at top volume,throw food at your loved one .There is alot you can do.Just do iit! :)

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@lucillelucillelucille Love your answer… but the gun? I assume for game shooting LOL

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given your em, questions as of late, I thought this read: How to spice up bedroom? ha ha

OK so boredom…
– volunteer with a favorite organization, school or for an elderly neighbor
– learn a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try
– build a new or better blog
– go through all your stuff and get rid of the things you no longer need
– pick up some paint and redecorate a room in your pad
– take a class at your community college

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@partyparty -Target practice.I am not a hunter because I am such a bad cook.,Venison and apathy go together like mud on a cupcake….or something really yucky like that ;)

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I find peppering life with random craziness & drugs makes things colourful!

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@Cloverfield I think the boredom is lifting. Maybe we should make Fluther an afternoon sport, when everyone has woken up?!

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@Dibley Sounds like a plan…. but how will we keep ourselves occupied in the morning?

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@Cloverfield Working out how to please everyone in the afternoon!

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@Dibley Works for me, perhaps we can research some contentious issues.

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@Cloverfield Perhaps we should stick to simple straight forward sex!

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@Dibley Fair play…. lets get down to action :)

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@Cloverfield Me that is. I think you have permision to give oral and enjoy it. I better not mention to my boyfriend that I shouldn’t like his sperm, he’ll think someone has taken over my mind!

You want to get down to simple straight forward sex?

No thanks, I want more than that.

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I have for a long time found my life to be “slow” in certain ways. I have a very fast job so I did enjoy the slowness of my personal life. But I sense a shift, and I think I am about to embark on a wonderful journey. It involves inviting extraordinary people into my life, food, decorating, drama classes, learning a language and learning to surf.

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@Dibley Hahaha, you’re a bad, bad girl!

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@Dibley Is there anything else that you like to talk about besides sex? Any other interests? Bueller?

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@jjmah Erm let me think…

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Become a sex therapist.

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Become a radio personality and talk about sex and educate people?

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I can’t remember the last time I was bored. I work full time (with too much over time), I do stuff with my family, friends and boyfriend, I have dogs that need walking, training and I take one to agility, I have singing lessons once a week…...... Any free time I might have is a god send. When I do have free time, however, I still find things to keep me occupied. I love learning so I watch documentaries, I catch up on any TV that I have missed because of my busy schedule and I read a lot. I think the best thing you can do is find something that you enjoy doing for those times when sex just isn’t an option!!!!!

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A little Allspice.

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Find the Thyme, have fun with Basil.

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To tell with Basil, I’ll take Rosemary.

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Rosemary will be cumin round the mountain when she comes.

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I’ll take cori-ander sister!

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Be sure to take your mace would be my sage advice,one never knows with strangers.

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Ginger was always the hotter castaway.

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Pepper me crazy. It’s getting a bit salty in here.

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Maybe we need a little sweet to balance out the sour.

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@jonsblond Nah, it’s a Savory lovefest, really. It’s about to get a little spicy. You can come and join us, but, it’ll cost you a Mint.

I get dibs of on Ginger, Rosemary and toss Jasmine into the mix.

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Scooby Doo jumped out of a plane & forgot his arrowroot hee eeh eeh eeh.That reminds me it’s Mother’s day this Sunday.Must get a cardamom.

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I’m getting seriously worried about Thesexier. She’s been “crafting” all day.

Better stop these puns or-egano! That’s my fennel offer.

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Henceforth allspice remarks shall be tarra-gon from the thread.

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Nuts, meg, to you!

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Dillo i mean ditto oh shit i’ve ran out.

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Apparently, to combat boredom you spend time online making puns about spices.

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@Thesexier Hello are you allright in there?...Yoo hoo!

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First I’ll try to work more since I’ve never been without bills to pay. After that I up contact with friends to see who is up for visiting and outings. If I’m bored and alone then it’s making myself do exercises until I’m worn out and either sleepy or on to a new idea.

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when I get bored I like to help others to have a good day…

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Don’t just wait for stuff. Do stuff.

Don’t pass the time. Fill the time.

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life is too precious and wonderful to be boring. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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