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Where to eat in Las Vegas?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) March 10th, 2010

We are staying at the Encore this month, and are totally overwhelmed by all of the wonderfully reviewed restaurants on the strip. What restaurants have you enjoyed (more upscale)?

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I enjoyed room service :)
I would ask the concierge.

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Mon Ami Gabi. It’s at the Paris.

It’s not truly upscale, in that you don’t have to dress up or anything. The service, food, and ambiance are amazing, and the price for what you get would be reasonable even if it wasn’t in Vegas.

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Mon Ami Gabi has the only patio on the strip and sits across the Bellagio fountain.

The Prix Fixe lunch at Rosemary’s is always awesome, but it is well off the strip.

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Great question! We have a ton of great places to choose from & lots of celebrity chefs, too. You might get some ideas from this restaurant list: I agree that Mon Ami Gabi is a good choice & you can get a great view of the Strip (and the Bellagio’s fountains) if you eat outside.

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MGM Grand buffet and visit the lion cubs there too!
Mirage buffet and visit the white tigers too!

have a wonderful time and much fortune and luck to you!

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If you are on the “strip”, you won’t have a hard time finding a place to eat. Buffets are every other step away. And LOTS of good food!

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Fodor’s likes Alex (French) at the Wynn, Nobhill (American) at the MGM, and Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay. Burger Bar is probably the most upscale burger experience you’ll find anywhere.

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BLT in the Mirage is great. My two favorites though, are Isla at Treasure Island (Latin American and oh so good) and Lotus of Siam. Any cabbie will take you off the strip to Lotus of Siam, which is a fantastic Thai place in what can be charitably described as a run-down strip mall. It’s totally worth the trip.

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