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A virus got into my email system--should I write everyone telling them not to open it?

Asked by skfinkel (13478points) March 10th, 2010

Or, should I just let people contact me as they find it. It seems lots of people are wary anyway. I don’t know what I did, but the virus has a different name on each referral—very sophisticated.

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That’s not going to be all that helpful, is it? After all, when they get the first mail from you with the virus link or spam, they’ll be unlikely to open the second telling them “don’t open the first”.

Take a look at this thread first and see if it helps you.

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You might consider attaching the infected email into your announcement so that people will know what to look for.~

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@robmandu Weirdly, each message sent had a different re: name—very smart. I was not able to find what I had inadvertently opened, so I am not sending it out. Some people are just not opening it. Others have contacted me asking about it. Thanks for your response.

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Sounds like the federal government organization I work for sending letters to people informing them that they’re in danger of losing benefits because we don’t have a current address.

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