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What are some signs that a guy is attracted to you?

Asked by Khloe (15points) March 10th, 2010

How do you know if he is attracted to you? Thanks.

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He has a boner.

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If you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss.

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He can’t take his eyes off of you.

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He pretends he is not interested in you.
Or he stalks you.

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Staring is one clue.Finding excuses to be near you is another.The best ones just ask you out :) Brave is good.

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It depends how old you are. In elementary school he might punch you in the arm. Older than that if he makes a point of talking to you often he probably likes you.

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he will talk to you and look at you alot

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He’ll more than likely lose all that machismo bullshit & be all soft & squishy wishy with you.

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He asks you out. He calls you. He talks to you. He seeks you out to be with. He wants to do things with you. He tries to get your attention. He tries to give you things.

I mean, come on. You know the answer to this question.

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Body language. It is usually so obvious, how could you not?

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He sends you his ear wrapped up in a pretty box with a bow and a note saying “You inspire me”.

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Well it wasn’t actually a stretch…well it was a kind of stretch
It was a gimme.

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It was like a knee-jerk response for me!

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@davidbetterman I beat your boner? Anytime.

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You’ll think he’s coming around or looking at you way more than a normal person would do and if you catch his eyes, he might break into a big grin, blush or laugh to himself go eyes-down and scurry off. This is all fine for about a week but after that he should ask you out.

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@Vunessuh Wow, and right here on fluther in front of everyone! That was intense..

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@davidbetterman Public displays of affection are my thing.

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Did you mean pubic?!

I think this thread will need an NSFW tag added!

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@davidbetterman I’m not into pubes. Hairballs are for cats.

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Ok you two get a room

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@Vunessuh & @davidbetterman Pelvic displays of effection!

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If he doesn’t run away when you throw things at him is a good sign you have a chance. If he starts throwing things back then it’s love at first sight.

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He finds ways to talk to you and be around you as often as he can. He takes the initiative in trying to spend time with you, or failing that, calls you, texts you, or asks about you often. Even if the guy is socially awkward or nervous around you, you’ll still notice him hanging around a lot. The key here is that he’s taking initiative and making effort. If you feel like you’re chasing him, he’s probably not too interested.

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Just straight up ask him thats the best way to find out.

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