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How would you feel about giving up the internet?

Asked by YoH (1414points) March 10th, 2010

How would you feel, if commanded from the highest level,to cease internet use,due to national security?

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I would be extremely bored, but then again sometimes I don’t even turn on my lappy. I’m not sure. I guess we’ll find out when we cross that bridge.

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Banned indefinitely would be difficult to handle, but I think I could benefit from a periodic week or two off.

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I’d save a lot of money and get outside more. It doesn’t sound bad at all.

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You’ll have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers. Upside tho I probably wouldn’t beat off sooo much.

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I would cackle with glee, pull out my Atari 130XE with dual 90K floppy drives and setup yet another BBS. Or use the Atari Mega 2ST with the whopping 10MB hard drive.

But with no Internet and a BBS, I’d be popular again!

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I would no more mourn it’s passing as I would that of a dead fly…..Wait a moment… no Xbox Live!!! Fuck that, long live the internet!!!

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I’d have so much free time on my hands, I’d be liable to start a revolution to get it back.

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Nooo! ~clings~

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They would have to make it inaccessible for me to get off the darned thing.

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I’d have to start talking to trees again ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille I knew you loved wood ;)

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<———— on too much!!!
Take it away:
Grrr. Grump. Cringe. Pout.

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I would feel great about giving up the internet if I could be with my man. :)

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I derive my living from the internet and most of my reading. I’m always reading about different topics in my field. I heave learned so much using the internet that I feel I wouldn’t have learned otherwise and it has been such a huge venue for me to learn and grow. It really is such an incredible opportunity to acquire knowledge.

That would stop.

So, you can pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

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I work online, many of my best friends are online, i come online to learn things, i come online for entertainment, at the moment online is the only way i have to talk to my girlfriend for the next few months, and its where i can get porn from if and when needed.

so, how do i feel about losing half my friends, going homeless and staving, losing my girl and on top of that not being able to masturbate properly all the while being bored out of my mind as my IQ slips a few points. not good, in fact i would not allow it to happen. i would find a way or get out the country.

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How can we Fluther without the internet? . . . would we allow that to happen? certainly not me!

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<———realizing she needs to go for a walk, really.

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@njnyjobs Fluther-by-Mail?

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Please. Oh please, give me a reason.

Would field goal my laptop in an instant.

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I’d be relieved to go back to reading and watching TV.

Not gonna happen, of course.

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Last year I went about two months without the Internet due to some bad weather and me stupidly canceling it at the wrong time (I was moving). I called to have it shut it off and gave them the wrong date. I was about a month early. Then we got a unusual amount of snow that put off my moving by about three weeks.

I lived.

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I would actually have to talk face to face with people!! Yikes!!

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No problem. This would be really great for libraries worldwide!

By the way, this is going to happen before you know it!

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In certain ways, if the internet vanished on a world wide scale I would welcome it 100%. Because of the net the world is so incredibly small now, almost everything known to man is just a google search away. I miss the days when you had to actually go out into the world to learn about shit.

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when I first moved to the city I was too poor to afford the internet for over a year. I would use it for an hour once a week at the library. I went out more and did more with my time when I wasn’t suckling the broadband titty.

@FutureMemory I get what you’re saying but it’s not always true. I have a large collection of true crime books, and some cases I cannot find a single mention of online. The internet has a lot of information but not everything is on there.

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I’d probably get a lot more done and a little more fresh air. I’d be a grumpy S.O.B,. though. I’d miss it.

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Society would collapse… And it might be great for humanity!

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I would miss it, but I’d be kind of happy about it too. I’d get a lot more done without it.

Last summer I spent two weeks alone in the country with no phone, television, or computer. It was great. I missed certain things about the internet, but I didn’t miss it. You find other things to do. (I may try to do that again this year, for a longer period of time.)

As long as I were still able to communicate with people using other methods, I don’t think I’d mind very much.

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i would be so much more productive. i would waste less time. i would be annoyed less when i log on to facebook and see all the stupid things people waste their time doing. yeah…it would be good lol

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And, we would all have to hang out at the school yard drinking beers and smoking pot.

Like in the good old days.

Now that’s the type of fluthering I’m talking about!

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I’ve gone months at a time with no internet and before that, I went 30 years without it so I’d be fine if just a teeny bit inconvenienced. Internet banking, bill paying, shopping, movie watching and fluther are so nice.

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@ChazMaz i cant think of a better way to spend my days. then, too, we would be united, chazmylove

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I might actually get some damn homework done.

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I would not like that at all. I missed yesterday’s Lost episode, so I’m going to be watching it on the internet today. How awful would that have been if there was no internet and I simply had just missed one of the episodes and would have to wait for DVDs?

But seriously, I’ve done so much more on the internet than just watch Lost episodes. I would miss the references (Wikipedia,, etc.), I would miss social networking, I would miss Q&A sites and getting to talk to so many different people of various ages and backgrounds, and I would miss all the music I get off the internet (music is a pretty damn big part of my life). People on the internet helped me when I was in my self-loathing stage of teenage homosexuality. Without them, I don’t know what would’ve happened.

The internet isn’t just Myspace and porn, contrary to popular belief. It has many functions and I would miss them all. However, I am not like every internet user. I don’t have to be on it 24/7 blogging about how I tripped on the sidewalk while getting the groceries. There is a point where it can be taken too far, but as far as I’m concerned, if it doesn’t hinder your other every day activities and relationships, then I don’t see a problem. In some cases, it can create relationships. I love the internet.

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If I haven’t to do business online I would just blow up the computer, burn the router and the cables and of course wait for my internet provider to mail me a “last warning bill”. I guess I would wait another six months until finally paying the bill.

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