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what is the difference between trance and house electronic music?

Asked by buster (10239points) March 6th, 2008

i dont know about techno school me

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mainly the tempo and feel. House is from like 110–130 bpm. Trance is more in the 130–150 range. Trance is also composed in more of a hypnotic repetative theme.

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house is the oldest, simplest and easiest type of electronic music to listen to, which is why its also the most popular party music. whereas trance is more complicated and brings emotions out of you. like the guy before me said, its very repetitive and hypnotic but it is a lot “harder” to listen to.

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Trance is a spirtual or soulful type of music and ranges like metioned before from 130— 150, but not neccessarly it can, it can range from 126 or 128 like house music too… Here’s a good advice to know weather a song is trance or not… any song thatt you hear that you can chill on or relax to and also at the same time dance too, doesnt neccessarly have to be hard dancing but just simple slow dancing, is moslty trance music.

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house music is the genre which mostly has singing involved…any other type like Electro-house or progressive etc etc etc has sining… but in house music it contain more sining than just beats without vocals… plus the beats in house are like guitars trumpets stuff like that like instumantal beats… and a kick and drum in every measure…also another question that people ask me is if house music contatins alot of singing in it in most of its songs house come like electro house and progressive house dont have a lot of singing in them… thats because electro house is a combination of electronica and house and electronica porbabbly doenst have singing at all it does but not alot and house does so that why you find most electro house songs are mostly beats with out vocals and singing… its hard to explain but try to understand me and listen to the diffrence between House and Electro-House or House and Progressive House, or even Electronica and Electro-House and House, and Progressive and Progressive-House and House, and try to understand where im coming from exactly.

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