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How has being a member of Fluther enhanced your life?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) March 10th, 2010

Can you describe how being a member of Fluther has been helpful to you?
“Fluther helped me by giving advice on what to wear to the dance. I had so much fun! Thanks everyone!”


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OMG!! You’re welcome!!!

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I didn’t get to answer that one, but I’m glad you had fun!

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I’ll just bet that this question won’t get modded either! Congratulations. I’ve learned all kinds of stuff from this site. Things that other jellies have told me or other OP’s, as well as stuff i learned myself in googling answers to questions.

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I have learned so much.

I have met so many wonderful people that it has reinforced my faith in humanity.

I have laughed until I cried.

I have cried.

I have been roused to righteous indignation.

I have met so many wonderful young people it has restored my faith in the future of the human race.

I have learned of new music, books, films.

I have made friends.

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It’s given me perspective on some things, I’m someone who welcomes a lot of advice and opinions so it’s nice to be able to get that. It’s also given me a lot of friends that I keep in touch with off-site. Sometimes it’s depressing that I am so far away from them, but overall I am glad to have made these friends. Thanks Fluther!

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I like the open platform for “most” subjects.

No jerking around, tell it like (you think) it is. I am really impressed that there are so many smart and expansive thinking individual under one roof.

Ya get this shit in your head and there is no where to let it out.

Fluther is that place.
And mostly what @marinelife said. :-)

Don’t know if it is an enhancement. But it is a interesting addition.

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I am not joking when I say life saver and so much fun and informative.

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I got renewed faith that there are perhaps a few more people out there who actually try to be fair-minded. That sounds like such a little thing, but to me, it is huge.

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Not my social life. :(

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My answer makes no sense at all in the context of the edited question.

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@janbb – I think it makes total sense.


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@janbb and @ChazMaz Thanks for the joint smile!

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It has given me something to fill those empty hours at work… other than working.

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Thanks for answering everyone…;D

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I get to be a dick to all of you instead of taking out my rage on my family.

I’m kidding.

I get some answers to questions I never knew I had. I like to learn a bit every day so this is a good place for me. The chatroom and skype sessions are great. It is pretty awesome that through Fluther a woman from Tasmania would read Harry Potter to me while I drifted off to sleep.

And I actually wearing a c-mas present from Allie. And I have three cards sitting on my desk from people on fluther.

{{{{{group hug}}}}}

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@johnpowell Wow! A group hug from you rather than a dickpunch! What side of the bed did you get up on?

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@ChazMaz Just figured out the sound on the Netbook I’m using. Very droll!

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@janbb :: I’m drunk and in a good mood. But there will be dick punches all over the place in the morning. I’m actually a skinny teddy bear in the real world.

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It makes me think. Can’t say the same for most other online communities I’ve been at.

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My boobs have grown.

seriously, I’ve gained a few from sitting and fluthering instead of getting outside and exercising as much as I used to ;)

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It has made me more open to issues of gender, body image and sexuality, and more understanding of many different people. It has helped me explore my playful and sexy side more openly and made me more spontaneous and free in real life. And I have met some terrific people. Negatives? It takes me much longer to get through a book, to focus on work or to do chores.

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