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How would you know if your dog is pregnant?

Asked by 87Princess (3points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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people pregancy test like the piss on a stick kit they work on dogs too.

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You’d know for sure when puppies come out. Otherwise, take the dog to the vet like a responsible pet owner.

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I’m a tech and I’ve been told that human pregnancy tests aren’t accurate for animals and the only way to tell is when she starts getting swolen nipples and starts to gain weight she’ll only be pregnant for about 2/3 months

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A skilled veterinarian can make an educated guess early in the pregnancy by palpating the abdomen. After that, the only way to know for sure if to take a radiograph late in the pregnancy (cartilage will not show up well, you have to wait for the fetus to have calcified bones to be visible). Weight gain, enlarged nipples and behavior changes can be indicators. Keep in mind, it’s fairly common for bitches to have “false pregnancies” – the weight gain, nipple enlargement and nesting behavior are not sure signs. Gestation is 63–65 days.

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they get tits!

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they stop having sex, and gain 50 lbs

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that was just a bad joke….. I wouldn’t get a “dog” pregnant

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