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Gamer bars, real or myth?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1505points) March 10th, 2010

So me and my friends have been talking and searching hard for bars that cater to gamers, anywhere (but mostly NYC). Ive been to one bar in Orlando, Fl called Gators Dockside that had Rock Band set up going to a projector which i thought was awesome.

Does anyone know of more bars like this around the country? What does your local bar sport? Any ideas on how i can find some in my area?

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Gamers sit in their basement all day building up their elves, they don’t drink, haha.

No I’m joking lol, I’ve never heard of this though. Do you mean a bar where people play games and drink at the same time, or just a bar for gamers but without games?

It’s entirely possible that both exist, although I’ve never seen one, lest you consider dives that still have pinballs and The King of Dragons arcades in them.

King of Dragons FTW.

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That’s awesome. I’ve never seen a bar that catered to gamers full time. Some hipster bars in my area have rock band contests or wii sports… close, but no dice.

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There are a few here in Portland, Oregon.

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I mean like it merges the love of both, most of my friends are also gamers like myself and we go to bars every saturday. We always say “man it was so much fun just drinking beers and playing rock band with friends at home, or some call of duty why not while at the bar?”.

Basically a bar with tvs and consoles set up that people can play, contests, things like that. Im debating finding the top 3 gamer forums and blogs and looking around…there has to be a gamer bar owner in NYC who is down with this.

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That would be fun, I’d go. Playing Soul Calibur or Dead Space while all fucked has always been a lot of fun.

I’m thinking though, that since gaming is so huge and versatile, that it would be hard to incorporate something in one bar for everyone…that, and buying your own booze is a lot cheaper, and if you’re a gamer you already know how pricey games and consoles are…but still, I’m sure it could work somehow.

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I would totally go to a gamer bar, especially if they had Rock Band. I’ll have to check to see if there are any around here.

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What a great idea!!!

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Let’s pull our resources and find some, come on flutheritesa!

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So ive know posted this question on IGN’s forums as well as a few other game sites. Anyone know popular gamer sites/blogs i can hit with this question?

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