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I just heard the latest scare campaign. Do you know that by 2042 whites will be the minority?

Asked by Ron_C (14438points) March 10th, 2010

Mostly it is because the birth rate in whites is much lower to non-whites. I guess that means that we can screw ourselves back in to the majority.
I don’t see that as a real problem. What worries me is that stupid people outbread intelligent ones. (This comment refers to intelligence, not race in any way).

We truly are breeding intelligence and independent thinking out of the race, at least in the U.S.

The only real result from whites being in the minority is that there will be fewer clan meetings and less polution from burning crosses.

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I do not think that will be so in America. Well, even if that is so, which I do not believe, I have survived 47 years as the member of a dinky, unprotected by law minority and, at least I think, I am relatively well adjusted.

There is a problem with lumping all non whites together when determining someone to be a minority: not all of us are the same ethnicity.

If you are going to make the determination that whites are a minority, one ethnicity would have to be the majority, not “all non whites.”

The attitude that lumps all non whites together is a bit, err, I do not know the word. “Racist” is not the word… I literally cannot think of it.

If whites were not the majority, however, that would not stop racism. Sure, cross burnings would die down as well as Klan meetings, but some other equally onerous racism would take its place.

Racism is not contingent on ethnicity and is not the providence of whites or anyone else.

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As a white male I feel threatened. I mean, it’s okay if the little people with the dark skin have their fun, but they need to know I’m still in charge.

/end sarcasm

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The statistic I saw was that all minorities combined would be a higher number than all whites. This is already true in many places. So what’s your point?

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I just don’t find that all that scary.

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Welcome to evolution.

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Who gives a shit.

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@noyesa <snicker>

@YARNLADY Last statistic I saw for America as a whole put whites at 70+ percent. Even if all non whites total more than whites, that still does not put whites in the minority unless one specific non white ethnicity is the majority.

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@Arisztid Yes, I agree with your conclusion. I may be thinking of California only.

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If what worries you is “that stupid people outbread intelligent ones. (This comment refers to intelligence, not race in any way).” Then why frame the question in terms of race at all?

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Frankly, I find racial issues combersome and I was once thrown out of a human relations seminar because I said that I didn’t care what a person’s sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation was as long as they did their job. I still feel that way. I guess that’s a good thing because I work internationally and have met great people and jerks. It isn’t color that puts them in either category.

I remember being in China for months when I saw a black guy on the street and I felt really happy to see another American, you can imagine my dissapointment when the damn guy spoke French!

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@lillycoyote you are right, it probably didn’t belong in the same question. I worry though when I see teenage mothers that don’‘t have a clue about the way the world works.

I think that came out from a conversation I heard at supper. The girl, no more than 16 was holding a baby and complaining to her friend about how the father just took off. I found that disturbing and it just drifted into the question.

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By then people won’t care.

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But if there are no more white women, who else can I threaten with my evil genius?

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Who cares? It was going to happen eventually.

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How is this scary?

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(Psst. “Outbreed” and not “outbread,” although maybe that’s true also.)

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It could be that by 2042 whites will no longer be a majority of the population, but they could still be the most numerous of all the ethnicities and therefore have a plurality.

I’m white and I’m already a minority in my extended family, so by extrapolation and because I’ll be 95 then, that prospect don’t worry me none. :-p

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Is there a intelligence gene? Minorities tend to be poor and go to shitty schools and live in shitty neighborhoods. Life is a fuck of a lot easier when your parents will pay for your rent, food, car, tuition, books, and beer after you graduate high school.

I had nothing. I lived on SSI in high school. My dad was murdered and my mom was in jail for killing my dad. The idea of college was so far off I didn’t even consider it. I knew I had to get a shitty job.

I had a point that was relevant to the question. But I seem to have misplaced it.

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as many people have said, who cares?

but I would like to respond to the statement that white people lump all minorities together. Minorities do the same to white people. A white person with British heritage has a far different and more “privileged” (and I hate to use that word, because lately it seems to mean “we’re going to make assumptions about someone based on their skin color”) heritage than a white person with Jewish or Irish heritage.

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The US will be a nation of minorities, with no one ethnic group dominating. Should be interesting.

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I intend to have no less than twelve children.

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You need to go watch the DVD of Idiocracy right now!

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@syzygy2600 I understand your point and the only way to solve that would be by genetic difference. When I talk about this stuff, I tend to forget nationality, economic status, and religion… and go strictly by genetics. From what I understand of genetics, there is less genetic difference between the various groups we call “white” and the genetics of the various non whites.

That is just my opinion and I could very well be incorrect. If I am, I welcome correction.

@Brian1946 Excellent point!

@malevolentbutticklish Ut oh… I am snipped. I cannot keep up! Of course, that would mean you are stuck raising all those children and I am not. :D

off topic remark: I would be interested in knowing exactly what ethnicity/race is in the majority worldwide.

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Asian, i believe

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I’m pretty sure Chinese people are the worlds majority. Not 100% sure though.

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@filmfann and @syzygy2600 I agree re Asian. Chinese alone might not do it.

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@syzygy2600: Chinese people went too far with population control. In the future their nation will suffer for it.

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“Excellent point!”
Thank you, my friend! :-)

Do you consider all Asians to be of a single ethnicity?

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@Brian1946 Most welcome and I actually, no. I think of closeness in genetic complement but know that there are some small Asian ethnicities that are quite different than most Asians. From what I understand of these populations is they have been pretty isolated historically, either geographically or by society or themselves. After enough time of this, divergence occurs.

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Honestly, I hope some day (probably many many decades from now) we are all so mixed that there will no longer be any specific race. Why is it that race is so important to some people? We’re all people and intelligence comes in all colors but so does stupidity. Race is irrelevant.

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The number of genes that differ between any pair of individuals is infinitesimal. Even ignoring that, human behavior is a complex phenomenon that most scientists are almost certain is not deterministic with regard to genetic makeup in the case of a healthy human being. Even talking about genes as if they’re important in this discussion is a little absurd, especially since “race” in any sense that matters in this conversation is a social construct, and ethnicity is explicitly so.

Then again, what do I know? I’m the product of miscegenation. And I’m going to take over the world according to this thread. Or something.

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Don’t worry even if there was only 100 whites left on the entire planet
they would still be in charge.

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Let it first be said that I do not care about race, because what I’m going to say next will be misunderstood.

Being in the minority doesn’t bother me (I’ve tested this: at work, blacks outnumber whites by about 3:2, and I’m the only white guy in my department, and I am unperturbed.). What I’m worried about is that there is a chance, however slight, that the new majority will have the same unfortunate tendency to favor its members as the old one, possibly coupled with a desire to compensate for all that went on in the years of minority. I understand that this is more or less the case in post-Apartheid South Africa.

All this reminds me of an episode from high school.

As if to make a point, the kid told my sister that, “Your people enslaved my people.” Which is preposterous; our grandparents emigrated from Italy to the United States in 1918, long after slavery had been abolished.
“No,” she replied. She pointed at another boy, this one of French descent. “My people enslaved this guy’s people, and made them dig tunnels through the mountains.”

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Good. White people scare me.

And I’m white.

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a few self-hating racists up in this topic

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@gailcalled glad you caught that error. I think outbread is why my wife adds it to my shopping list.

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Mathematically speaking whites won’t be the minority… The consensus says there will be 49% white not 51% “color” as a race.


49% white, compared to the division of other races. Yes Asian, and Blacks are separate!

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