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What's the best way to paint or recolor rubber?

Asked by ParaParaYukiko (6111points) March 10th, 2010

I’m making a costume that involves shoes with teal blue trim. I bought some slip-ons with rubber trim around the bottom, much like Converse shoes have. The problem I have is making the white trim the blue I need.

I tried painting the white rubber with craft paint, and it chipped after a couple hours of wear, even if I used a fixative. I’ve also tried gluing blue ribbon around the rubber with a very sticky glue, but it still came off after a while.

Is there any substance I could perhaps coat the rubber in that I could paint over so it stays? Or perhaps another method of doing this that I haven’t thought of?

Much appreciated, my fellow jellies. :)

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I say go with spray paint. It might be hard to control, but if you can mask the parts you don’t want to paint and then spray your head off, it should stay.

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Try exterior latex paint. Even get some latex additive to add to the latex paint to impart more flexibility to the cured paint. Sand the surface real good with 200 grit sandpaper before painting too.

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@silverfly Yeah, I’ve thought of spray paint. It would probably work. The problem is getting this particular shade of teal… Most places I’ve been to don’t have a gigantic selection of spray paint colors.

@Cruiser Hmmm, good idea! Do they sell exterior latex paint in anything smaller than huge buckets? I got a 2-ounce bottle of craft paint and I’ve only used about half of it in the 4 times I’ve painted these shoes. I really don’t need much.

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I seem to remember vinyl paint that was used on upholstery. don’t know it it was available in your color, but I painted white seats black with pretty good results. Might be able to be mixed to a color at an auto paint shop. it’s used at the bottom of rocker panels to resist stone chipping.

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I’d be surprised if you are talking about actual rubber. Many hobby shops have paints in a variety of colors in the little craft jars. Take the shoes in and ask.

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@ParaParaYukiko I am moving and have gallons I am just gonna throw out. I’d be glad to send you it all!! lol!

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@Cruiser Do you have any that would match this girl’s hair? :P That’s my costume.

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I’ve also heard of this stuff called Sculpt Or Coat that claims to bind to almost anything and creates a paint-able surface. Anyone heard of this and/or used it?

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:O Hmmm maybe in interior latex…all my exterior it mostly whites.

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You need a paint designed for plastic. I remember hearing about a paint that worked on stacking plastic chairs, and that should work for what you need. As recall, it was a spray paint. Go to a craft shop and ask. Barring that, a paint store.

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Krylon Fusion spray paint is designed for plastics. With the proper surface prep, it should work just fine.

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Yep, Krylon Fusion. Lots of colors. Wear a mask.

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