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Is there a site that I could review books on?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) March 10th, 2010

A few years ago a magazine I was reading had a write-up about a girl that reviewed books for this site and got paid for it. I just remembered this, and thought it’d be fun. Even if I didn’t get paid for it. So, does anybody know of a site that does this? I’m 13, by the way.

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Try its a very social site and you can write your own book reviews and read other people’s. There are many others out there, but I think you’d like that one the best.

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I also recommend GoodReads—especially because they have a nice community of people who love books. If you just want to review without the social part, you could always try Amazon or any major bookseller.

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If you want those reviews to get out to the most people, I’d try Amazon. If not, Goodreads is probably a good choice.

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You can write reviews on Amazon, but I think Goodreads is more fun and made for people who like to share reviews with other people they know. Amazon is big—so big you can get lost in the crowds.

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Amazon and most other booksellers solicit reader reviews on their books. Even if you eventually want to get paid for your reviews, writing really good reviews on sites that ask for them is a great way to get started with some public exposure.

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goodreads!!!! all the way.

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Goodreads. I’ve had one since last year, and it has EVERYTHING.

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