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Why does crying make people tired?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) March 10th, 2010

What causes our bodies to feel tired after we cry?

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Because it can be a big emotional release. Those typically make most of us tired!

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Have you ever heard that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile?
It takes energy to be stressed or upset about something, which is most likely why you’re crying in the first place. When you cry, you release that stress and anger and sadness. It’s an emotional drainage. It takes a lot of energy to cry.

For a more scientific answer (this is from a website, not my own words) – Crying causes the body to lower the feel good hormones which are responsible for the overall general psychological health. So to recover the original blood pressure and the adequate hormone level, the brain sends chemical messages to the neurons to induce sleep so that the body can rest and recuperate.

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Strong emotions are exhausting. They use up a lot of energy and drain your resources.

Typically strong emotions also account for crying. So I think the feelings are the cause, and one effect is crying; another is tiredness.

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It can sometimes drain the emotions of the other person.

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I don’t know, but I’m always glad to go to sleep after a while of crying. Its mentally exhausting for me.

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I’ve got to go with Jeruba on this one, strong emotions are exhausting. Your body has to kind go into overdrive to generate the biochemistry of it all, your body, your heart, your brain has to pump all those neurochemicals and hormones and then there’s the crash, a lot like any other activity that gets your body and brain all worked up, then the crash.

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It’s all that shaking and moaning. I cry for exercise sometimes. It’s very efficient.

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Then I have a nice nap.

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It drains the energy from the person.

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