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What happens if dogs get into a fight at a dog park?

Asked by stemnyjones (3976points) March 10th, 2010

I just got a new dog yesterday. The home he was living in had two other dogs who he got along fine with, and the neighbor also had a dog that he got along with, so I’m not really too concerned about it, but I plan on taking him to a dog park and I just want to have an idea of what would happen if he got into a fight with another dog.

Does someone get fined? What if another dog picks a fight with him? Are there any legal repercussions?

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The onus is on the dog owners to take control of the situation.
What I’ve seen at dog parks is that there is interaction and socialization of dogs. Dogs are animals and are going to behave like animals and all dog owners have to be aware of this.
So if you own a schipperke (very small dog) and there’s Rotweillers (very large dog) rolling around, you as a dog owner need to be responsible for the safety of your own dog. If you own the big dog, you need to take into account that your dog could potentially do a lot of damage. If you own the small dog, you need to understand that there are big dogs that could potentially pose a threat to your tiny dog.

I don’t know about the particular legal ramifications of dog parks, but an owner knows their dog and has to be responsible .

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In the park, take him/her off the leash immediately. In my experience, fights are reallly rare. Except when uptight owners hold their dogs tight. All the other dogs rush up to meet the new guy/girl, who is trapped with the leash, and lashes out.

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Bet on the big one.

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@jaytkay -I see this behaviour alot when I take my dog out for a walk.My dog ignores them.She rocks :)

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…..They fight…..that’s what happens.

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Most dogs that go to dog parks don’t have aggression problems and if they do, most likely the owners know this and keep a close eye on them. I hardly ever see any fights at the dog park but when they do occur they are not very serious ones. I don’t think you should be too worried about it but do keep in eye on your dog since you are still getting to know him. Most of the time all dog owners are responsible for their dogs and nothing bad happens but you can’t always count on that. Oh, and I agree with @jaytkay about getting him off the leash as soon as you get to the dog park.

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Most Dog parks have their regulations posted, and this issue is addressed. Like @kheredia dogs rarely get into fights in dog parks because they don’t have any territory to protect. If there is dangerous dog that attacks, the owner will usually be banned.

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Vick goes to jail

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@cheebdragon No shit, smartass.

Thanks, everyone. I’ve been bringing my dog to the park and there’s only been dog fights one day, and they were all caused by the same dog whose owner was eventually asked to leave the park. I’m not worried about it anymore :)

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