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How often have you changed your major in college?

Asked by vanausdr (146points) March 10th, 2010

I’ve heard that students often change their majors like seven times. But how many students approach a major that they never thought they would study? How many people have, or have had, two majors that are, or were, completely different?

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I recently changed from biochemistry to chemistry. Drastic, I know.

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Started out as undeclared. Declared a major in psychology. Switched to history when I started hating psychology.

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@holden Heh, when I was in college, I switched from chemistry to biochemistry.

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I started out a music composition major. Then I suffered minor hearing loss, which barely affects me—except my sense of pitch went a bit off and listening to music wasn’t really enjoyable anymore.

So I changed to theater. Found out as much as I liked performing and studying theater, I didn’t like the over-competitive nature and ass-kissery that took place.. so I dropped out of school because I didn’t know what to do.

Went back for School Media services and finished it. I wish I changed though—I think I would have done classical studies or anthropology and then gone on and gotten my MLS. Having only an undergrad library degree turns out to be fairly useless if you end up liking public libraries better than school libraries.

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I changed my major from Theater to Anthropolgy after my freshman year, because Anthropology was such an incredibly more lucrative field than Theater.

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The time to make these changes is when you’re completing your GE requirements. After that, it’s go-time and you need to focus on a given discipline.
The truth of college is that it really doesn’t matter what your major is as long as you finish it unless your aspirations pertain to higher education. Obviously if you want to be a doctor, then you’re going to have to go along a particular educational cirriculum. If you’re not sure, just finish up your liberal arts degree and you’re better off than 90% of the world population when it comes to finding a job.

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Twice, sort of. I started out as a business major because some of my friends did, and I had no idea what else to do. It took me about 3 days to realize it was terrible. I then switched to photography and got a 2 year associates degree. I loved it (and still do), but realized that it was a bit too competitive for my taste. When I did photography, it was primarily nature photography, so I just channeled that another way: ecology. It didn’t take long for me to realize that’s what I enjoyed most, and I just recently graduated with my Bachelor’s.

So, I think changing your major is pretty necessary to help narrow down what it is you truly enjoy, and would like to spend the rest of your life doing.

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I switched from business to Radio TV Film! Best move I ever made cause I now make epoxy for a living!!

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Unless you really and truly know what you want to do, your major is irrelevant. Make a game out of it: just take classes that are interesting, and see what major you can make out of them.

I’ve had more majors than I’ve had careers. Take that for what it’s worth.

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^Only possible if you can afford it.

How many times did I change? Zero. I made a commitment from Day 1 and had to see it through. I’m thinking about going back for Round 2 though.

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17 times in two years

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@holden & @Rarebear Ha! I stuck with chemistry, but have gone all over the board when going back just for fun. Bible College, comparative religion, art…

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I started college for accounting. About a month into that I knew it was a bag of hurt. So I ended up with a B.S. in Economics and a minor in Environmental studies.

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Changed from undeclared to linguistics, but I really want to double major or minor in a couple things. I am not sure what, though. :\

I knew someone who changed from a liberal arts major to engineering. They had to take an extra year of college, though. It depends on when you change and how big of a change it is.

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I changed my major once in college—from theatre arts to English. Fortunately, I did it at the end of my freshman year, so it didn’t mess up my course of study too much. My roommate changed from music to chemistry near the end of her sophomore year. It took her almost six years to get a bachelor’s degree.

I’m not one to believe the extra time spent studying is a waste. It’s just a matter of being able to afford it.

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I changed from Criminal Justice to Political Science when I transfered to OSU and I stuck to it. Nothing special to note I guess.

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I started as an English major, then switched to Music, then decided to go into Communications, and finally ended up with Sociology. My problem was I’d go into something thinking I’d like it, only to end up finding it really boring. That hasn’t happened to me with Soc, which I’m horribly passionate about, so I figure I’m sticking with it this time.

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I completed a major in Psychobiology.
I then returned to completed a second major in personality and abnormal psychology.
Then I went on to graduate school.

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I didn’t change it at all. I completed college with the major I thought I would be getting. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with switching majors though.

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I started with a major in petroleum engineering…then promptly dropped out before the first semester ended. Now I’m attempting to finish vo-tech to be an HVAC technician.

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My first was Business, then Fashion, then Business Admin., now I’m studying psychology.

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I went from Journalism to Spanish to English

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Started out in nursing, switched to finance. Worked for an ad agency as a purchasing manager and account executive. I now do process improvement and document management systems, working on automating manual processes.

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Started out in art history because the fancy college I was forced to go to didn’t offer a major in studio art. Withdrew after 2 years, went to secretarial school, put myself through 2 years of unaccredited art school. Then my father helped me get a strenuous BFA in painting. Sixteen years later I enrolled in an MA program with an art-therapy focus. It was a chaotic program with a psychotic advisor, but I found excellent internships and great supervisors, so it worked out.
I never had a major, only a tropism.

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I always had the same major, Communications (Television and Film). I almost picked up a double major (Political Science), but then realized I wanted to get out of school before that decade was out.

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I started as an undeclared major. Then I switched schools and started off as a digital media (art) major. I then added sculpture as a second major, and one semester later I switched Sculpture to Textile Design/Fibers. Now I’m considering dropping the Textiles major just because I don’t think I can stand being in school for two more years.

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I didn’t change at all. My path was clear from an early age. But I did see some students around me changing majors. My son made a drastic change partway through and came out just fine in the end. You can do it up to a point, but then you really have to decide where you’re going.

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too many times.

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