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Who drives better guys or girls?

Asked by allknowingone (59points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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Women have lower insurance rates and I’m sure they’ve done the research, so I vote for women!

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That’s because they drive less.

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everybody knows trannies rule the road

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I hate how everyone drives except me. If I go anywhere with anyone I insist on driving. But in the end I think guys drive better

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I think that there are pros and cons no matter whose driving. My husband reacts quickly to traffic and I’m the overly cautious driver.

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60–40 for guys

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I actually think that, in theory, guys drive better. It has something to do with the testosterone-level during the pregnancy. But in reality men are a lot more aggressive when driving so shouldn’t we say we’re even? :)

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men are a lot more aggressive when they drive.. so i think thats why we should say women are better drivers.
but young drivers of either gender are scary drivers.

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I think that the more aggressive drivers are the better drivers. Hence not slowing down on the highway or on on-ramps, etc. More aggresive drivers also tend to not panic when boxed in between to large trucks.
Men in nature are more aggressive thus my vote is cast for men.

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The adage I always learned (at least about teenagers) is that when a girl gets in a crash, the cars get banged up, when a guy gets in a crash, people get banged up.

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I don’t drive…yet (enrolling in drivers ed this year(watch out on the roads(just kidding. I’m actually a pretty good driver))), but I believe…no I KNOW women are better

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Guys, from the days of being a forest hunter, we have wicked visual-spatial cognitive abilities. Depth perception, edge detection, awareness. Also, the ability to sit still for hours on end, not moving until your target enters your view, lends itself well to driving, where you sit completely still until your target/destination enters the frame.

Women, as gatherers, developed language and nuanced descriptions, i.e. “the plant with the waxy, lanceolate leaves with the alternating branches next to the stream bank usually has mushrooms underneath it. One kind with an undulating cap and farinaceous smell that has brown pores, and another with a red cap with white gills that tastes peppery”

Guys are better hunters/drivers, women are better at locating and describing a possible cache of goods (Oh my god! Did you see that sign? They are having a double coupon sale!!!)

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I think it’s pretty even, actually. Young people in general are definitely more dangerous drivers compared to older people. However, younger males are far more reckless and dangerous compared to everyone.

Men in general are naturally better equipped to drive (spatial, depth perception, etc. as WakeUp pointed out), but women are definitely not as aggressive (speeding, cutting people off, etc.) or as quick to anger as men. Can’t be pigeonholed. It’s going to vary, sometimes extremely, from one person to the next.

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Dee’s sister can’t drive or park. She has only been in, at least 30 accidents in the last 9 years. She can’t figure out why her insurance is so high. Dee’s insurance is at least 3X less than her sister’s. And she says that Dee is a worse driver than she is. Hah!!

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@fallstand – well said about everyone sucks but me. I always insist on driving too, but of course, girls drive better than guys,

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It depends on varying factors. There is no hard and fast rule as to who is the better driver. Deciding who is best at driving by something as fluid as gender is silly. That’s like saying men make better mechanics than women, which just isn’t true. There are more men mechanics, but that is more of a cause of societal standards, not intellect or ability. I’ve seen women mechanics that would make your regular testosterone-fueled gear head look like a neophyte.

As for driving, I see my fair share of women truck drivers. You think driving a car is tricky, try driving 80,000 lbs of vehicle in all sorts of weather. Not for the weak willed or timid. That said, I put my money on older drivers. People with experience are the better drivers. Young people have a tendency to (a.) follow too closely, (b.) assume they are better drivers than they really are, and (c.) create more hazardous situations on the road because of their inexperience and/or vehicular bravado.

Good drivers are like mushroom hunters. There are old mushroom hunters, there are bold mushroom hunters, but there aren’t any old bold mushroom hunters.

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in my experience, more often than not, the offender is a woman. sorry

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Is this even a question? Who invented the car, Henrietta Ford?

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