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Widows XP install, hangs at Setup is Starting Windows. Is this a hard drive failure?

Asked by UScitizen (4283points) March 11th, 2010

Windows XP, over about 5 day period started to freeze at various times, boot up or just running OK.. then lock up. So, I’m trying to do fresh install of Windows XP from original disk. Files load, then “Setup is Starting Windows” at bottom in white bar, sits there forever. Retail XP CD, been used for install about 10 times. Would this indicate HD failure? One year old ASUS P5QC, three year old Seagate 500 gb HD. Any advice from experinced illuminati would be greatly appreciated.

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It normally would indicate a failure if one was occurring. “Cannot locate blah blah” or something along those lines. Also the install disc doesn’t have a limited number of uses, it should work as long as it’s not scratched to hell or cracked. You said it “sits there forever”, does this mean you shut it off after a certain period? What exactly happens after it starts to hang?

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After sitting overnight at “Setup is Starting Windows,” yes, I turned off power. When it locks, it does nothing, no HD activity, nothing. Just tried another XP install CD disk, same thing happens. Does this sound like HD failure?

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Try removing any recently added peripheral (i.e. video card, nic card, audio card) before starting the OS re-install process.

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Thanks. The HD failed. New HD solved the problem.

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