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If your days were numbered, what would you want to accomplish?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7420points) March 11th, 2010 from iPhone

Lets assume you are terminally ill. What would you want to do before you got too sick? Places you would go, people you would want to meet and so on.

Here’s what my list would look like:
-visit Egypt to see the pyrimads
-sky diving
scuba diving
-Alaska in winter to see the northern lights
-walk on the great wall of china
-drive an Indy car

I suppose that’s what I came up with just now. But I could probably think of some more if given the time.

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I think that I would want my end to mean something. I would find the most interesting hypothesis for which they need a human component that would likely die, and I would subject myself to it in the hope of my death carrying meaning in the world.

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My days are numbered, and so are yours.

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@Fyrius Wow, happy times ahead!
I think he’s more asking the question of either “If you knew how many days you had left, were aware of when you were going to die”

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Race professionally.

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I had that impression too.
Just adding a note of perspective. And, perhaps, a reason to stop what-iffing about it and do those things now.

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Good point.
I think that is why I posted my answer, it is something that I could only do when I am going to die.

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There are many things on my list,most of which I don’t talk about.
I am doing something on my list tonight :)
I will have a studio by the ocean before I die.

I hope you are able to do the things on yours

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I would love to be able to swim. That’s it !!

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I would make sure that i told everyone in my life how much i loved them. and probably want to spend what time i had left with my children, on a beach somwhere.

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I would run around New York City naked, screaming about the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You have to do that at least once in your life for it to be complete.

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As for my own answer:
Actually, of the things I want to do in my life, there aren’t many that I could still accomplish if I wouldn’t have a long life ahead of me in which to accomplish them. Most of them are long-term projects I’m already working on. For example…

* Become fluent in French; improve my German
* Learn Russian and Chinese
* Master Parkour
* Master at least one martial art
* Defeat my inhibitions
* And generally, make the best of all the possibilities of human existence, be they physical, intellectual, emotional, artistic or whatever.

Those are all things I want to learn. Cool skills that are surely fun to learn, but take a lot of time to master and would kind of lose their meaning if I’d die soon after mastering them. If I’d know I’d die next year, I’d give up on those things.
And then I’d be stuck with a useless year I’d need to fill up with something. I’d probably use my time on things that would probably be fun, preparations for kicking the bucket, or ways to just pass the time and make myself useful. Like…

* Sky diving
* Visiting Paris again
* Thanking my dear old mum and dad for everything they’ve done for me
* Charity work

So even though up there I pointed out there isn’t much difference between this hypothetical question and everyone’s actual situation in real life, I’m contradicting myself now by showing it can make a lot of difference after all for the things you decide to do.

[ Tl;dr: There’s much I want to do with my life, but it’s the sort of thing I’d have to give up if my days were numbered in double or single digits. ]

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Putting aside the stress, knowing my days are numbered.

Knowing that there is nothing to worry about any more. The stress of the daily grind would be over.

Chilling with friends and family. A good meal, a walk on the beach and playing with my dog.
Holding someone in my arms. Telling them how much I love them.

Places to visit and things to do are good for reflecting back on. Something that would apparently not be in the cards.

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well, i believe in life after death…probably just be with my family.

Question reminded me of a good joke!

“Do you believe in life after death?” the boss asked one of his employees.

“Yes, Sir.” the new recruit replied.

“Well, then, that makes everything just fine,” the boss went on. “After you left early yesterday to go to your grandmother’s funeral, she stopped in to see you

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Our days are numbered. We just don’t know what that number is. It could be 1 for we know. It remains a bit of wisdom to try to do this every day.

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As @Fyrius said, our days are numbered.
For me currently – a maximum could be 30000 days from now, with some probability for less. And a sliver of a probability for more. I follow a very good diet and lifestyle, so I think I may make it over 100 – especially if I enter a life-extension program additionally.

Now, over to the goals:
– Establish a society or group of people who are truly open and say nothing but what they think is true – but with good delivery.
– Change the education system of a group/community to one of child-directed (montessori-like using current neuropsychological evidence).
– Create a re-entry system for homeless. Housing, with treatment, activities, and outlooks.
– Start a successful practice focusing on interdisciplinary therapy.
– Other plans on my todo list… including an educational computer game. Using reward theories to make learning fun and very effective.

- Generalize some of the above world-wide. Hopefully be successful.

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I am doing them now…deactivating all internet addictions, time wasters, games and such. Clearing out my desk, tools and stuff in my closet and life. Establishing foundations for my kids, financially and morally.

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dont count the days, make the days count. I want to spend my days spreading the love of Jesus! unfortunately, I really need to get rid of timidity to do it. so my list….
-get rid of my timidity
-Spread the Word!
Everyone: Jesus Rules, get with it!

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@starshine ‘Don’t count the days, make the days count’ .... I love it!!

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Noted, and no thanks. ¬_¬
Please don’t become a Jehovah’s witness. Most people already know your message anyway and will only be bothered. Christianity is not exactly an obscure religion in need of more publicity.

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P.S. But by all means, best of luck with becoming less timid. It’s one of my objectives too. :)

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@Fyrius , I’m independant, not Jehovah’s witness. i plan on going to other countries anyway. Seriously, though, “One way God said to get to Heaven, Jesus is the only way!”
And I hope one day you see that, but I’m not gonna Bible-thump you.

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I appreciate that.

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I don’t have any list or anything. I think I would like to go hang gliding and/or sky diving. But I am happy with what I have accomplished and the friends and family I have. I would feel okay if I died today.

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I live each day like there is no tomorrow and I try and knock of one big thing I have never done each year. This year will be a doozie!!

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I agree with travelling. Egypt for the pyramids, back to Pompeii and see it slower, Chichen Itza (sp) for the Mayan ruins, back to the Greek islands because they are so beautiful. My kids know I love them, I’ll take them to Greece.

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Don’t forget Paris. :)
For its atmosphere, rich cultural heritage and world famous architecture. And the caricature portrait street artists are fun too.

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There are tons of things I would love to do, but in the end, what has always mattered the most to me, were other people, so I had to configure my life toward that end. I have worked on it for a very long time, while also having to work on myself.

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I’ve already done everything I ever wanted to do. Anything more is just icing on the cake. My one goal now is to make it past my 100th birthday, which is 2043.

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Getting everything in order and making it as easy as possible for my kids to have as little problems as possible to inherit the small amount I have. Sell my house so they don’t have to handle that. Sell all my stuff. Give them anything each wants. Give them my 401K account etc etc. And pre-arrange how my remains are to be disposed of. They must never be left in the south.

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