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Mind to share your 'anti-aging' secret?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) March 11th, 2010

‘anti-aging’ in the context to preserve beauty. I currently practice yoga,become vegetarian,and use anti-aging product(Olay) to preserve my appearance from young age. I’m looking for new way to enhance my beauty. So,what’s your secret that you might want to share?

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Exercise…do an aerobic activity that builds lung capacity, drink lots of water and meditate. Stress is a very taxing on the body mind and spirit and the exercise and meditating will help keep the bad mojo at bay.

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After washing your face at night; moisturize your face with vasoline, a liberal amount. This has worked for 4 generations in my family.

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Not putting synthetic materials on or in your body is a good start. Exercise. Plenty of water. And a vegan diet seems to be the most healthy way to go.

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It may not be useful for those reading this, but being Asian often makes people underestimate your age.

Not to mention: use sunscreen and don’t smoke.

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Don’t get fat. Getting fat can add as much ugly as many years of aging.

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Beauty and good health are preserved by a good diet and a positive and optomistic attitude towards life.

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Aftershave balm…. been using it since I was 18yrs old & many, many years later, people always underestimate my age.

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Along with exercise, attitude, diet and maintenance, having the right grandparents really helps. Most people who naturally look younger than their chronological age have very good genes.

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Ok, this is what I discovered. No joking.

I am 45 for two years I dated a 27 year old. I became 27.

Now that it has been over for over a year. I find I am starting to climb back up the age ladder.

So the best secret is to date someone half your age. ;-)

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it’s in the genes…..or the best part ran down daddy’s jeans!

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I know where the Fountain of Youth is.

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To quote my favourite band: “die young, preferably before puberty”

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@ragingloli Those are interestingly bleak lyrics…. who’s the band?

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If you die, you won’t age. I don’t recommend it, though.

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“If you die, you won’t age.”

I would rather age, then rot.

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Exercise.Aerobic and weight lifting and a positive outlook .No matter what happens to you :)

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And get to the gun range now and then. ;-)

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@Bluefreedom and where would that be???????

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I either masterbate or have sex at least twice a day,and have done this since I was 15.I also exercise in other ways.

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@All,Thank you so much!
@iphigeneia Love that!. People still underestimate me for a teen even though I’m 20s.
@Bluefreedom Yes,where? Please tell us!

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“I either masturbate”

Seriously… Does that work?

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@ChazMaz loll yeah, never heard that one!

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@ChazMaz always thought it caused blindness! lol

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I mean it is fun and all….

Otherwise I would be back in my mothers womb by now.

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Yoga, enough sleep, and eat well.

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I laugh. A lot. Best youth retainer there is.

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@snowberry Ah, right, laughter is huge.

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L’Oreal, laughter, love, sex

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@BoBo1946 Yes, but at least you’ll be young and blind. :-)

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Laughter. S/he who laughs .. lasts.

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Good nutrition. Being vegetarian definitely helps, but what also helps is knowing what vitamins you require from what produce. If your diet has no algae, B12 supplements. If your sun exposure is sporadic D supplements. Stay away from E and A (can be cancerous from supplements, look for produce).

Eat things that contain a high level of anti-oxidants. has wonderful detailed nutrition dvds based on the latest research. I think he goes through almost every article published. He’s composed comprehensive lists of food rankings by anti-oxidant level.

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Stay out of the sun. Moisturize. Drink water.

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Inherited the right genes from my father.

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Inner beauty, ( peace, serenity of soul, optimism, compassion, humor ) along with managing external stress is the best way to shine the light of your beauty outward.

There is no fountain of youth magic formula, and besides…can you AFFORD to live to be 100, 105, 110? you can be an immortal beauty in the county nursing home? lolol

Being healthy is one thing, neurotically and egoically obsessed is quite another.

I have two friends that have spent tons of $ on cosmetic ‘enhancements’ the past few years. One I can see virtually no difference in and the other had a horrible experience of having fat from her a—injected into her breasts…well…one ‘took’ and the other dropped like a Bratwurst onto her ribcage. UGH! No thanks….glad I am secure with my aging process!

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I sleep like shit. I rarely exercise. I do not eat well. I don’t bother with anti-aging anything. I am 36 and look like I’m 26. Sorry, but it’s all in the genes.

Wait, I have stayed out of the sun since I was 14. That might have something to do with it. But, my sister has always tanned and she looks young, too.

Nope. Back to the first statement. It’s all in the genes.

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Having the sun as my sworn enemy.

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Excercise at a healthy but not fanatic level
Do not inhale your cigar
Drink wine or beer without drunkeness
Marry the right woman (my big mistake, but rectified by divorce)
Refuse to worry
Have parents that lived a long time

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exercise regularly, eat healthy and deep meditations
(specially one involving breathing, go here in ytube type Human Body Energy Centers)
watch this three part seriers and try to incorparte this into your daily live, you will notice your life energy changing. the meditation is seven layer deep so for example seven day a week, each day work on one layer. then get in touch with your spirtual nature by clearing your beliefs and doing fake fighting exercises with yourself. Then get alot knowgledge to free your soul.

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Clean sober living and a good moisturizer.

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Choose you grandparents carefully. I’m just glad I never had any sense of ‘beauty’ to preserve, so I can just be myself all the time. I don’t wear make-up or drag a steel blade across my soft furry skin.

To preserve your health, eat more fruits and vegetables, less meat and snacks; drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, and zero soda; get as much sleep as your body needs, and walk at least a mile every day or exercise equivalent.

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Just yesterday someone asked if my son and I were brother and sister… my son is almost 19, and the guy said he thought I was 25–26. No, he wasn’t trying to pick me up, and this is not the first time that’s happened either.

1) Genetics – can’t be changed, so work with what ya got.
2) Be happy! The people who are most attractive are those who are confident and positive.
3) Avoid the sun – and protect yourself when you are outdoors.
4) Keep your look natural – Women who alter their haircolor too far from their natural shade or wear heavy makeup often look older than they seem to realize; or at the very least look like they’re trying too hard.
5) Don’t be too skinny – a few extra pounds fills in the wrinkles, and people who obsess about their weight and deny themselves the pleasures of food don’t often come across as happy.
6) Exfoliate – removing the outer layer of dead skin cells keeps your skin softer and smoother and glowing.

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Another way to ward off aging is to calculate your age incorrectly. ;-)

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@Dr_Dredd your style!

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@Dr DreddYup. My mom was an expert. She had a debilitating disease. My whole life she would tell people she was 10 years older than she really was (including me). That way, when she moved slower, folks didn’t wonder so much. I guess they just thought her slow movement was due to her “advanced age”. And she looked really well preserved. I didn’t find out how old she really was until after she died, and I got a look at her driver’s license.

Hey, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than plastic surgery, and safer than botox.

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Live long and prosper

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good night sleep! a happy home, peace in your heart, be loved and love, surround yourself with beauty (nature) meditate, laugh, little sun, take flaxseed oil, eat five vegetables and five fuits a day, try new things, have friend of all ages,know when to say sorry, because being right can be ageing @snowberry your mother was pure genius!!

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Exercise but keep a little baby fat. Also eating healthy helps (Taking Acai supplements isn’t a bad idea either with the large amount of antioxidants it has)

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Check this app when it’s back online (currently being revised with new data from pub med).

Sparked by @Winters response abott Acai – to my knowledge so far not worth the trouble.

You can also check Dr Greger’s nutrition reviews – he goes through a lot of pub med articles summing up what’s up in nutrition:

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