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Is your s/o lucky to have YOU?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) March 11th, 2010

I have always said that my boyfriend can get far better than me. To me he is perfect in every way. He is so good looking, has a great job and has the best personality. I’m far from good looking, and he can get any girl he likes.

Though, recently on Fluther with certain questions and answers, I have realised that in some ways he is lucky to have me.

I keep a nice house, I look after him. I have no dislikes about him. As you all know I think he is just perfect. We have never had one arguement. We laugh, we talk, we are compatible in every way and we even sometimes finish each others sentences.

Maybe i should get past the looks and see that in some ways, he is lucky to have me nearly as much as I am lucky to have him.

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my god, finally! thank god you’re coming around
yes my partner is lucky to have me and vice versa. we support and inspire each other – we laugh a lot and love a lot – we stand together in the face of life’s struggles and we take care of our children.

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I’ve often wondered what my s/o sees in me.

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yep, and lucky to have her!

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“I have always said that my boyfriend can get far better than me. ”
I want you to stop that RIGHT NOW! :-)

“I have realized that in some ways he is lucky to have me.”
Yes, you are right! :-) And, not just “some ways”. But, that way of thinking keeps the relationship healthy.

“Maybe i should get past the looks”
Sweetheart. You are a very beautiful woman.

“he is lucky to have me nearly as much as I am lucky to have him.”
What did I say? He is just as lucky.

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Yes, and sometimes you don’t know that until they are gone.

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@ChazMaz Your too nice to me.

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@Dibley look I’m just happy you’re not all down on yourself like always – this magical man of yours can’t be all that magical and you’re not some random potato just always sound so unequal – I’m glad you’re seeing reality clearly

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You bet your ass he is =)

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I think that she is lucky to have me. very.

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@Dibley – I am not being nice to you. I am just being honest.

ALWAYS, be true to yourself.

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Not really, and I’m really glad she knows that and still loves me.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir He is magical to me. Never thought I would get someone like him. But I treat him good, Fluther has made me see that.

@Facade What a good attitude to have.

@ChazMaz ;-)

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@cockswain That’s sad, I’m sure she is really.

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@ChazMaz “the truth will set you free!”

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@BoBo1946 @cockswain is as free as a bird!

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@BoBo1946 – Amen brother!

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Other way around.

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He is one lucky fucker!
and so is your boyfriend,so stop saying that stuff.:)

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ooops, I meant to put @ChazMaz is as free as a bird.

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We always say to one another “How did I get so lucky?” It goes both ways.

She’s awesome and I think that she is pretty damn lucky, too.

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Milo here; Gail certainly is, and I am certain she knows it. I am irreplaceable but she isn’t.

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@jjmah Must be nice to think like that. I sometimes think he pulled the shortest straw when he picked me.

@gailcalled How nice.

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“I meant to put @ChazMaz is as free as a bird.”
Yea, a loony bird. ;-)

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@Adirondackwannabe -what do you want to know?lol

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I feel the same way like my boyfriend is the most likable, funny, handsome, perfect guy I ever met and it blows my mind that I lucked out and am with him. We do go together really well, and I do think he’s lucky to have me (what other girl could grow such a mustache?) but I feel much luckier to have him. Then again now that I think about it, really none of it is “luck”........

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@Dibley Girl, listen, you really need to work on that self-esteem. :)

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lucky fucker just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? leave it to lucylucy

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You know what I think girl…. He’s bloody lucky to have someone who puts up with his nonsense as totally as you do. You’re a little diamond!

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@Dibley Always a pleasure :)

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We are both lucky to have found our best friend at such an early age, and we remind each other often.

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Er…. no. All three of my past girlfriends (one after the other not all at the same time) would have been better off if they’d never met me.

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For me and my wife, it’s a two way street.

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@Milo- When are you going to stop hijacking @gailcalled‘s account and just get your own?

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@Cloverfield Shake shake shake

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You should both feel equally happy to have each other. Two way traffic.

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My dog is lucky to have me.

No s/o, unfortunately.

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@Dr_Dredd I’d volunteer but my S/O would hit me and your dog would bite me.

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Awww… thanks! :-)

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@Dr_Dredd Does your professional put off some guys?

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To be honest, I think your boyfriend is much luckier to have you than you to him. I remember reading some of your questions on AB, and he seems to take advantage of you sometimes. I have to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder—you may not find yourself attractive, but to others you may quite be the most beautiful woman they have ever laid eyes on. @Dibley, don’t talk down about yourself like that, and be aware of how wonderful and kind you really are. Just because a man boasts (or thinks) that he can get any woman he likes does not make him special or worth it. It is all about how he treats you that makes him worth to be with you.

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I think she would be better off without me.

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I tell my husband he’s lucky to have me….then I fall over laughing. Actually, we both do. I just can’t keep a straight face, on that one. Please, I’ve spent most of our marriage fighting cancer and he’s had to become a nurse, husband and so many other things along the way. Wait, he is lucky…he’s learned a lot of new skills!

We’re lucky to have each other. We balance each other. Can’t imagine a day without him.

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I just want everyone to know that I accidentally hit GA on @tinyfaery ‘s response and didn’t mean to hit it! I was tapping on my mouse and tapped a little too hard and it clicked. I certainly didn’t mean to agree with her statement!!

I’m so sorry @tinyfaery – I have nothing but major lurve for you!

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Yes, he is very lucky to have me, and I, him. I understand the importance of sticking through the worst of times (Lord, have I ever learned that one). Iunderstand that money is not important enough to divorce over. I understand that it is effort, not just end results, that matters. I understand the damage and pain that lying and cheating causes, so I don’t do either of them. I understand that someone commiting thier life to you is not to be underappreciated. I understand a lot of things that many people may never fully grasp.

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@Dibley “I keep a nice house, I look after him. I have no dislikes about him. As you all know I think he is just perfect. We have never had one arguement. We laugh, we talk, we are compatible in every way and we even sometimes finish each others sentences.”

Your S/O is indeed fortunate to have you. You, no doubt, make him feel wonderful about himself. Hope he does the same for you..:)

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If a relationship is all that it should and can be, you are both extremely lucky.

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When we met, my wife was a single mom on welfare. I had a good job, wanted to be a father, and was terribly lonely.
It was a remarkably good fit. We were both lucky.

but I was luckier

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@cak any honest answer is a good answer, there’s no shame in that
My husband would probably have no trouble finding another person with the same qualities he likes in me. We were just lucky to find each other first, we seem to be a very good fit, after 35 years together.

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@cak I guess someone is an ass.

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Sometimes I think so. Sometimes I even think any woman would be lucky to have me. But that’s a secret thought that have never admitted to before. I have worked hard to be the kind of man that a woman—at least a strong woman—would like. I believe in equality, and I try to put my money where my mouth is. I’m not freaked out if she earns more than me. I want to take an equal role in bringing up our kids—at least in doing the things that I think are important.

Not too long ago, she started getting closer to another woman—a neighbor of ours. This woman is having serious problems in her marriage. Her husband is never home and he rarely does anything with the kids that isn’t fun. He won’t discipline them. He just doesn’t see eye to eye with her and, in addition, he constantly seems angry.

Finally my wife told me that she thinks she has it pretty good. She sees how much worse it could be. And this is despite all the problems we have been having.

This is something she should have told me ages ago. But, because she didn’t, I wasn’t sure if she was lucky to have me, or if I was just being delusional. There’s a disconnect between what I think and what people say, and because no one says anything, I have a hard time feeling like this through is true. Inside, I feel like I’m special. Outside, there’s precious little to confirm that opinion.

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@wundayatta One of the things that a good S/O should do for you is make you feel very special and assure you that you are very dear to her. Maybe wifey has been not carrying her part of the bargain.

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@tinyfaery Every contribution, regardless of content is valuable to the site. You deserve to be rewarded for your contributions, no matter how painful the revelation. Every answer is a Great Answer, more especially the ones that are heartfelt.

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@phillis Very good answer..:)

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One person did say in a public forum, “I don’t know what he sees in her”, so I guess the answer is yes.

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@Adirondackwannabe I don’t know. Sometimes I think so. The opposite doesn’t seem to be true for the guys, though.

Oh, well. I’m happy with my life. We’ll see what happens. :-)

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@plethora Thanks. He does, but I think I spend more time worrying about his needs and how he feels.

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@Dr_Dredd I think a lot of men are afraid of the intelligent, strong woman. I’m also beginning to wonder what women did that was so bad your gender was sentenced to putting up with men. Hang in there, there’s got to be at least a few good ones out there.

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@Adirondackwannabe That made me laugh. Thanks! :-)

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@Dr_Dredd Your more than welcome. I have a neice in her third year of med school. The stuff she has to put up with from guys bothers me.

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@tinyfaery it wasn’t me!! :)

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@YARNLADY or me – hee haw – oops

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I don’t know. Never asked him. I know I am lucky to have him. I would hope it goes both ways.

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